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Nobody taught me Social Media.  I went into it blind.   Well, I did have online publishing experience going back to 1995, but I had no clue as to what made Twitter tick.  I had the account for nine months before I realised not every tweet went viral!   Not only did I take on a huge responsibility, I learned along the way.  No courses, no training, and my partner’s son got cancer, and she had to back out.   I was left with a huge number of accounts, and no way I could possibly manage all of them myself.  But I learned, evolved, innovated.  God made me better, and with plenty of obstacles to overcome; I learned how to do Social Media.  In A BIG WAY!!  Most folks don’t have 5 years to wait, they want to build their skills now.

My current network is well over half a million online connections.  My personal account has over 130,000.   I have a group of Interns that I work with who I train daily.    My network just get’s larger by the day, and I have plenty of opportunities to share with those who want to grow their reach, and become noticed.

So you can pay someone to train you, you can hire a coach if you want, but how will you know what you’d be getting?  What are they offering other than long hours on the phone, or some course they might have hijacked from someone else?



I own a thriving online brand called  Social In.  We are growing it into the top 25 cities in the United States.

This is an excellent opportunity to get noticed, expand your reach, and add something to your portfolio.  This is unpaid.  At this stage, the network is definitely in the “Expansion” Stage.   We ran our market tests in Washington, DC, with the Social In DC Brand.   The first month, we thought we’d get 50,000 hits, a modest goal.  Guess what?  We got 125,000 hits!!  The hub we have created has over 60,000 online connections in the greater Metro DC Area, and the brand is getting over 400,000 hits per month.


Multiply that out by 25 cities, and you get the kind of logistical nightmare I face.  That is where you the blogger, writer come in.  Let me build the network, you add some content, it’s a win, win.

  Our goal is nationwide is to reach 5 million hits per month.  We will be a voice to be reckoned with.

Social In  Offers:

     *  WordPress Training

     *  Syndication over 25 Major Hubs and about 75 Cities in the United States and Some International Cities

     *  Byline on all your articles, and a link to your blog

     *  Take advantage of a huge existing network

     *  Grow your social media accounts

     *  Add a Valuable Recognized Brand to your “Resume” or Bio

     *  Join a wonderful group of writers and people who, like yourself, just want to have their articles read


Contact us at Info@PronetworkBuild.com   Please include Specific Links to Your Articles,  What Your Strengths and Weaknesses are, how well you know social media, and what your Twitter handle is.   Any requests that ask, “What kind of articles are you looking for?” Will be ignored, I don’t have time for that kind of thing folks, do your research.




   We offer Unpaid Internships To F1, J1, and Journalism, Communications, and English Majors, as well as Data Processing, and Project Management.   If you are interested in growing your resume and learning real world social media skills from the fastest growing brand in the United States, submit your resume if you have one to:  info@ProNetworkBuild.com