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Already published but book sales are slow? Or worse, non existent?   Need to jump start your online marketing, but don’t want to go down the path of expensive nationwide Campaigns?

So you want to get published, and some smooth talking so called “Publisher”  who sounds like a New York Used Car Salesperson has promised to make you a star?   Ask your so called Publisher a simple question:  “Do you have 2 Million Connections to help you enhance my search results?”

If they cannot answer with a flat: “Yes”  then hang up or ask for a refund.  Stop wasting valuable resources with these people.   You put too much time and too much sacrifice of family life into your work to leave it to some moron who calls themselves an Internet Guru.  I hate that word, anyone who calls themselves that is an imposter.  Gurus never call themselves that.  I am a Writer.  I am Founder / Editor of Social N Worldwide, Inc, with over 4 million connections.  I leverage those connections to get your book up on Google search, and I own PronetworkBuild.   I turned in my Guru license after I was caught giving spiritual advice to a flock of seagulls.


Let me show you, how results speak for themselves, OK?

Type in these Words:  “How To Use Twitter for Local Business

And You’ll see this:


Right up top, out of 2.2 Billion (yes with a “B”) is my book.  Number one on Google, Number 1 on Amazon.

Lonny Dunn, right under that cheesy Google Ad is my book.  Google doesn’t even have enough couth to suggest a title similar to mine, that shaded area is an advertisement, and typical of Google, they might be suggesting Christmas ornaments, or moose droppings.  There is no rhyme or reason to what they suggest.  But we all need them!  Google is like the Wal-Mart of the Internet.  They are the ones we need to do our heavy lifting.  We could NEVER sell enough books on our own with newsletters and cool titles.   So getting good results on Amazon is actually a component of getting good results on Google!  OH MY GOODNESS!!   The most common reply we get is: “Why didn’t I think of that…?”

We need a scientific results based Call To Action!  We need to trigger the keywords that will drive up our book sales and rankings.  In short we need to give ourselves the best electronic chance we can.


How did I Do It?

There is a synergy, a connection between Google and Amazon, and the new or aspiring Author must learn to exploit this.  Did you know Smashwords has a deal with Yelp and by virtue of that, Yahoo Search Engines?  Probably not.  That’s what I am paid to know. Even if you wanted to do it yourself, it would take me 5 years to teach you, and you still wouldn’t know if you were doing it right.  

As An Author myself, I am not above using the HUGE Social N Worldwide, Inc network to boost your Search Rankings. 

Social N’s,  BardsNest.Com  and PronetworkBuild have teamed up to deliver a Great Author Special!!

We charge $499 to do all the work.   Normally $1999.   We will get your book listed on Amazon, improve your rankings, and do the Search Engine Work to get it listed in your category: Is it Mystery, YA, Humor, A “How To” Book?  We’ll get it listed.


We’ll Market Your Book for 90 Days


Start Your Campaign TODAY and Even Get Holiday or “Seasonal” Graphics!



Yes, Please Get My Book Listed on Amazon and Google. Please Use your Two Million Connections to Get Me Noticed and Enhance Search Results, work your magic, I want to become a published Author. $499 SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER, Regularly $1995.


Also, do you have a manuscript?   We’ll edit your book and give you a critique for $50.


Need a book cover?  $75


Formatted for Kindle:  $50.


Yes, I need to make a Payment for My Virtual Social Media Assistant, Thanks for this great Service!!



That’s it. I am not going to go into a long winded presentation.  You want to get published?  I’ll get you published.


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