Twitter Suspends Automated Tweets

About 3pm yesterday, Twitter’s API Department stopped allowing automated tweets.   Let’s be clear here, not all automated Tweets are so called “Spam” either by Twitter’s Definition or End User Definition.  One example are quotes.  I had a young man tweet me the other day: “When is your next quote coming out?  I get inspired by those and right about now, I need your inspiration”

Interspersing content is another way to avoid being spammy.  By having varied and diverse tweets, we avoid posting redundant duplicate tweets, and provide a wide range of content for end users to enjoy.  Any disruption of this information not only wastes the original investment of time that was put into creating the automated tweets, but throws people into a manual mode, to do work that they already accomplished.

So some of  us Tweeps use Automated Tweets as a Time Saver.  As a an Internet Efficiency “Expert” Level writer for Evan Carmichael I have written about streamlining efforts for years.  For instance, the ability to post our Tweets on LinkedIn was taken away about a year and a half ago.  No reason was ever given, just the  normal pissing match between two large social brands.

Yesterday’s action to shut down Automated Tweets was not accompanied by any Press Release on their Blog, nor have I seen any other news stories about it.  You can see all the complaints filed and sent in to Twitter here:

I’m sure they’ll say it was a glitch, or they are ‘tweaking’ their API Feature.  As one girl posting on the above link pled:

“My Job is Tweeting. PLEASE FIX THIS!”

Yes.  Her job and many other people’s jobs as well.





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