Too Busy For Social Media? I’ve Heard it all Before……

Social Media Tips for Those With Very Little Time

I wanted to compile a brief list of tricks for those who don’t have any time for social media, have given up or have no clue where to begin.

 If you build your professional account properly, you can follow 1,000 people a day! You can never do that with Facebook, the phone or the U.S. Mail.  You have to get to this point, don’t give up before the miracle.

First and foremost is throw out your notion that Social Media is a get rich quick scheme. Immediate results ARE possible, but that should never be your goal. It is naive to think you will develop a winning strategy with your first attempt, but equally bizarre to quit after your first attempt. It is a long term strategy, and you can get excellent results by doing just a little bit each day, and evolving your strategy.

If you are a localized business then immediately, today, start connecting online with other local people, who you can meet, in person. Distant connections are great, but they will likely always remain virtual relationships.


Always be following new people on Twitter and Pinterest. Unlike Facebook, which will only allow so many “stranger” connections, Twitter doesn’t have this bar. Set aside ten or 15 minutes per day to Tweet and Post to Pinterest, but focus on following new people daily. It is much more efficient, than what you post. If you aren’t willing to invest 10 minutes per day to expand your network, then hire someone to do this for you, who has specific tools for targeting and connecting locally. Be careful, here! Many self styled Social Media Managers exist who’s only qualification is a Twitter and Facebook, and in their zeal to land a client, will promise you almost anything.


Start a blog, you don’t have to learn WordPress, you can join BlogSpot for free, and be blogging in 5 minutes. Compose 400 words, use an image, and insert links to your Website, Twitter and Facebook on each post. Have someone proofread it before posting. Over time, you will have a body of work, which can be reposted, over and over and at the end of your first year, you will see that the words make as much sense as they did when you first wrote them.

Utilize your online real estate. Put links to your landing pages; your phone number, and eMail right on your profile. This may be all anyone ever sees of your content, and it’s best to take advantage of this space and make it work for you.   Even people who might not make a connection, forget or are interrupted, will at least see your eMail address.

Avoid having your potential clients getting interrupted by a text message or other distraction by directing them to “A Call To Action”. Point them to a Contact Us page, or Map with Phone Number, or a discount/coupon page. If you create calls to action, you will see excellent results from the beginning, and moreover, you will have various test models which work better than others.

Plan to evolve your strategy – be flexible, open to suggestion – but don’t sell your soul to the devil and abandon your first idea completely. Having a vision is what makes us all unique. We can evolve that vision, but we don’t have to give up because our first attempts don’t work. Plan to succeed, but take your lumps and try another track if your method fails. Keep at it.


Hook up with multiple influencers who have more online klout than you. It’s always been vital for me to learn from others, mimic their efforts and do what they do. Riding someone else’s fame is an age old tactic that will always work.

The RePin or ReTweet is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. If you are willing to stop Tweeting your useless nonsense long enough to listen here, you might just become a Social Media Superstar! Learn that your only job is to Post other people’s Pinterest Posts, Facebook Posts and Tweets. The Power of Broadcasting other people’s message for them, will keep you focused on Planting and Sowing, and you won’t become a spammer.



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