Three Magic Words: Do You Tweet?

Use this trick daily, and your network will grow.

Pick someone, randomly for that matter, and help them today.

It’s that simple.  Find someone, find them a client, and do it for absolutely no reason or motive, but as a way to plant and sow.   Send them some business, put some thought into it and get off your lazy behind.  Gratitude is an Action Word.

There is a multiplication effect going on, when you are constantly enlarging the number of networks that you create. You are not “getting” from your networks, if you are? then you are just a greedy moron, and eventually you’ll lose it all, or blow it on some hot chick.    No.  Creating new networks is a way of developing new soil for planting and sowing.   We enlarge our reach to teach what we know, how little that may be.

Get everyone stirred up to help you – by helping them first.  Be creative.  Ask God for ways to find those in need.   Ask for Creative Ways to Grow Spiritually so that you are always willing to move forward, and not look back.

Create Opportunities, suggest business to other people, think of who YOU can refer and your networks grow faster.  When you make the focus on other people, you are respecting what they do, and practicing the spiritual magic force of giving.

One of my favorite lines is: “Do You Tweet?”   And of course “Let me show you how”  because whoever they are? They can learn something about Twitter from me.

So this easy social  question “Do you tweet?”  Is the quickest door opener in your bag of banter.  This magic phrase becomes the basis for thousands of relationships.  Everyone knows me as the Twitter Guy.   Use what you know to become the Twitter person, and pass along the art of people teaching others, tell your student: “I want you to teach what you know, and refer them to me”.

Now, as you enlarge your networks, various revenue streams are created which you never even anticipated.  That is the method to Plant and Sow.  There is no telling where the Miracle is going to come from.  Your best intentions are dwarfed by God’s Miracle for you, if you just get out of the way.

I’ve learned that in Publishing Social N.   I don’t handle the writers.  If I did? They all would have quit months ago, and I would have ruined everything! By staying completely out of the picture, we have the absolute best, dynamic and diverse writers and we haven’t even scratched the surface.   So planting and sowing each network is important.  I might get a referral from Pronetwork; I might get an advertiser from Social In, maybe a Non Profit calls me for free advise?

When we enlarge our networks with three magic words: “Do You Tweet?”  we are able to influence thousands and thousands more than we could ever have dreamed of.




Lon writes drivel under various pen names, for Evan Carmichael as an Internet Efficiency Specialist and is Number One on Google and Amazon for the Search Term: “How to Use Twitter for Local Business”.   He can be reached by phone.  (Definition:  A phone is a device created long ago, where people actually spoke.  They have evolved to such a high technology level, that they cause random meetings on busy sidewalks) at 571-501-6129


Lon has taken his skill for creating vast micro networks that Social N is the largest and fastest growing brand in the Top 65 Cities Nationally.





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