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The Phone Rings:  “Lon, I have a referral for you.  XYZ is a small start up with a launch in six months.  Do you have time to handle their Social Media?”


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Unfortunately, there are far too few of these forward thinking Start Ups.  Almost all  are chained to an old business model that history shows has never worked.  And never will.   We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Even worse, so called Social Media Managers are often chained to old line companies, products and ideas themselves.

Incubators have been slow to teach The Newest Business model, so that they are rolling out products and services with no audience, no built in client pool, and discover too late that they could have been building their networks all along.

Small businesses and Start Ups are like the lottery, literally.  You might have a better chance of getting struck by lightening – twice – than making it big with your product.  With long odds, we have to give our business EVERY CHANCE OF SUCCESS and LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED.


Entrepreneurs, Small Biz and Start Ups need to utilize Social Media as a Pre Launch tool creating networks and an audience even before their product is conceived.

“Lon, how in the world can we build networks of followers before we have even thought the whole process out?”  was how one music division chief put it.  “Exactly, now you’ve got it!”  was my reply.

Social Media networks are flexible enough to absorb not only a shift in strategic thinking, but complete overhauls,  changes in leadership, failures and even false starts.  Networks can be used to test a product, identify sociological patterns, and marketing tactics.

In order to assist a Start Up or Small Business, entrepreneurs need to switch their paradigmic approach, and stop looking at Social Media as a novelty, or something that won’t work for them.  Instead,  Start Ups and the Incubators that spawn them should immediately increase their focus onto Social Media to accelerate the growth process.

So you’ve already brought your product to market, sales are lower than you expected, and you have discovered that launching a business is not as simple as attending a few groups?  What should you do?

1. Immediately develop a new mindset, and ditch your old ideas about Social Media.  That is a good place to start.

2. Back Up your Back Up.  If growing your audience is paramount to your success, then grow two, or three or four.   By having multiple Social Media profiles, you can grow two entirely different demographics simultaneously.

3.  Few Social Media Managers really understand growth principles.  Most of them have conned their way into salaried job; or worse they have promoted themselves as possessing skills that they don’t have.  Have them show you multiple accounts with tens and hundreds of thousands of connections.  If they don’t have those accounts, run from them.

4.  Learn from the best.   Surround yourself with networkers who understand the Newest Business Model, and are quick to adopt Social Media growth, not as an afterthought, but as the main channel for their product.

5.  Stick with it.  Failure comes when we give up before the miracle.  Social Media has short term, mid and long range benefits.   We need to understand that we must be constantly growing our network.

6.  Be flexible.  As with your Business Plan, you might have to adjust your strategy, but you don’t have to give up your Vision.  If what you are doing now is not working, dump that Intern, take it over yourself, and get results immediately, if that doesn’t work, then change it.  But stick with it, and don’t give up.

7.  Target your market.  Seems obvious doesn’t it?  If you have a local business, then you need local connections, thousands of them.  If you intend on selling to a wider audience, then sit down and target demographics within that larger sphere.

Change can sometimes be bitter but the rewards come and they are wonderful.   We want to have our target audience staked out, and sitting in the Theatre when the curtain is raised.


Did you know you can use Social Media to reach 1,000 NEW  local or targeted connections per day? 

You can’t do that with the U.S. Mail, your product is too new to compete with the Big Box Sellers, or your seasoned competitors on Google; and you can’t make that many phone calls.  But it is possible to turn your Social Media accounts into a tool instead of a novelty act.

Contact Us If You Want Us to take on your Start Up or Small Business Social Media.  Accept no Imitators.  Few Social Media Managers and Internet Marketers can boast a million connections, and can plug you in to a vast existing network.   571-501-6129.

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