The Most Important Decision Any Small Business Owner Will Make

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The Most Important Decision Any Small Business Owner Will Make

I was asked the other day: “What tool can best help a small business compete in today’s ‘Big Internet’ world against the likes of Wal-Marts and eBay and all the other big sites”

Indeed, ignoring the Big Retailers, we must be able to compete against the Dentist down the street, the Dry Cleaner a mile away, the Vintage clothing store one town over from ours. But how?

 This question raises the issue that as a small business person, it is hard to compete against a competitor who is willing to invest thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars per month to be on page 1 of search.   But there IS a way to circumvent all others, bypass the big spenders,  and get right to the customer immediately.

 The answer? Mobile

 Traditional website traffic is down across all industries, because traffic is being siphoned off as consumers surf using their mobile phones. Half of us search the Internet by Mobile Phone at least once per day. Mobile Websites since they are fewer in number enjoy higher conversion rates. Mobile surfers are “on the go” and ready to buy. This makes sense: Someone on their way out the door or in their car is looking to do business NOW! It’s no wonder that the business owner who takes the time to make their establishment visible on mobile phones get’s more sales than those owners who ignore the technology.

 And there are some amazing tactics that small businesses can employ to target consumers on their mobile phones that don’t even require a mobile website! We’ve had great success setting up Text Message campaigns for small local businesses. Daily specials, periodic announcements and discounts are powerful tools. 98 percent of text messages are opened, even if the recipient knows it’s an advertisement. Pitfalls to avoid, are spamming their text list, and not offering a discount.

 Text campaigns work because they follow the old axiom: It’s ten times cheaper to sell an existing client than to obtain a new one. Text messages can also be used to engage the consumer, asking questions, and / or just to wish them a great day. Engagement campaigns on text should point the consumer to a mobile enabled landing page. Inserting a link to a Facebook page makes it easier for the consumer to share the message with friends and family.

Early adopters always reap the benefits of forethought. Refining the campaign for each small business is usually about a two to three month process. Development, Implementation and Execution is easier with a small busineses than with a global company.

 Rarely does a small local business need it’s own mobile app. There is existing technology which can be implemented today and yield immediate results. The general curve is full implementation over about 90 days.

 Costs do not vary for small businesses as for a nationwide campaign. Text message campaigns can be started for about $200 to $500 for start up costs. Each text broadcast can run about ten to fifteen dollars. Considering that 98 percent of the messages will be opened within minutes, and read by the consumer, the cost is negligible in light of the rewards. Text messaging for instance can change a slow Tuesday into a busy Tuesday, and the happy consumers are grateful to get a bargain. They opt in after all, and they sign up for exactly the specials the small business offers.

Costs to create a fully functioning mobile enabled website are reasonable compared to a traditional website. A functioning mobile website isn’t really a website at all, but a set of landing pages which are configured for iPhone, Android and W-7. So there are actually 3 pages. A comprehensive mobile enabled page should cost the small business owner $500 to $1,000 and should also be undertaken over a period of 3 to 6 months to fully implement correctly. Ongoing implementation will vary based upon what the business needs. Small Business owners should be prepared to pay at least $500 per month for 3 months, although some companies charge much much more per month.

There are some “Out of the Box” mobile websites, which can occupy a lot of time, and keep the business owner frustrated over lackluster results. There simply is no “One Time Set Up” solution that will work. Without periodic maintenance, and tweaking the site in the first 90 days, the result will be flat.

“Going Mobile” is truly the most cost effective way a small business person can gain an advantage over their competitor, while simultaneously laying the foundation for the next 5 to 10 years. Mobile puts affordable technology in the Small Business owner’s hands. Early adopters can take advantage of low costs, compete on a level playing field with larger companies. Mobile means having a high percentage of click through rates, higher than ever eBay, Amazon, or the “Big Retailers” ever enjoyed.


As a writer for The Thesaurus News from 1995 to 2001 covering Telephony Infrastructure Stocks, Lonny Dunn has followed the mobile industry for years. His most recent book: How to Use Twitter for Local Business is available on Amazon for Kindle. Lonny helps small businesses implement cost effective, inexpensive marketing strategies.

Pronetworkbuild is offering 5 People a Chance to Get BOTH Text Message Campaign AND Mobile Enabled Website for $499.  Ordinarily, this would be $999.  Our staff will set up your Text Campaign, and Mobile Campaign.  We are only offering this to 5 businesses, because frankly, we cannot do this for any more people than that.  Suitable businesses are local professionals, restaurants, political campaigns, Insurance, Title, Print Shops, Stores, Retailers, Services, Shops or Venders who want to increase their traffic.   Basically, any Localized NON Global or Non Nationwide business.  This is NOT available to companies who are looking for a so called “Global Reach” online stores, shopping cart sites, or MLM companies.  Also, instead of ongoing fees costing the small business $499 for the Mobile Website, Pronetworkbuild will continue the ongoing process for $249 a month.  Costs of Text Messaging Campaign will be free, except the costs of the actual “Texts” which should be no more than 10 to 15 dollars for each “blast”.

In return ProNetworkbuild will request a Testimonial, and permission to post results on our website.   You can request this service by contacting us at

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