Texting In Political Campaigns

Texting in Political Campaigns

The Week of June 22, 2012  the FEC stated in a ruling that Political Campaigns could raise money using text messages

Demographics based upon assumptions won’t work.  Surely Text Messages changed the outcome for Obama’s first election, when at the Oprah Conference attendees were asked no fewer than three times for their best Text number.  Saturation reached over 100 percent, as some people contributed their number two or three times.  The Daily Beast asks the question:  Will Text Messaging Contributions Save Obamas Reelection Effort?  arguing this technology targets 18-29 year old demographic  but further research indicates this is simply unfounded science.   Text messaging can be used to target all demographics because of it’s universal reach, and high “Open Rate”.
Forrster Research indicates that Text Messaging usage remains strong in the US with over 6 Billion SMS  sent each day.




SMS (Short Message Service) has a virtually perfect “Open Rate” with some research indicating that as much as 98% of consumers open a Text Message AND  read it, even though they know it is an advertisement.  Compared to a 2.3% Open Rate for eMail, clearly Text Messaging is the stronger format to deliver a message.

Then candidate Obama famously used Text to broadcast his choice of Vice President Biden to 3 Million Recipients, rather than use traditional media outlets.  This was more perception than any use of Text Messages to raise funds.  The FEC Ruling has changed the landscape for fundraising this year.   Contributions can only be $10 up to $200 per person.  This means that any campaign will have to involve large numbers of voters, and simplicity.

Any text strategy will be  profoundly simple, immediate and effective.   Campaigns will be able to use a grass roots approach to giving and voters will react much more impulsively to give $10 at a time.  This can be used to any candidate’s advantage, because of the cross marketing opportunities inherent in such a revenue stream.


Text Reduces Your Cost Per Vote

Calculate that a Donor will also likely vote for the Candidate,  combined with ubiquitous, ongoing collection, the power of outbound message delivery over a universal platform, and Text Messaging is absolutely essential to ANY Campaign.  Start Up Fees are paid for with the ongoing collections, so a Text Campaign is really about the only sure thing any candidate can count on, and yet still so few know about it.  Ignore this powerful cost reduction tool at your peril.


1.  Regardless of where you are in your Political Campaign Start Now.  Even a week before an election, is not too late.  But our research shows the earlier you start, the better your results.  Don’t wait while your competitor takes advantage of time.

2.  Segment text numbers into local Influencers,  Volunteers and Voters.  What you broadcast to your team may not be what you want to broadcast to the electorate in general.

3.  Cross Market your message.  Remember to eMail the day before an event and Text the day of the event.  This One-Two Punch has proven extremely effective in getting the message out.

4.  Include a Link in your Text Message to a Landing Page.

5.  Follow guidelines and rules regarding text messaging, quickly removing those who want to be removed, and making sure recipients are opted in legally.

6.  Do not spam your constituency, remain calm, and use text broadcast sparingly.   If you use the alert system daily, you water down your message.

7.  Hire a Text Messaging Specialist to enter the text numbers into a database and send them out.  Doing it yourself simply is not feasible, and the professional advise you get from a specialist is worth the extra few dollars your campaign will spend.

8.  Assign a contact person in the Campaign to be liaison between your Campaign and the Text Messaging Specialist, so when events are planned, notice is given, and your fundraiser efforts go off with increased attendance, and publicity.

9.  All text campaigns, because they are “Opted In” by voters start with collection.  Any campaign needs a strategy for collection of numbers for alerts and contributions to be effective.

10. SMS Alerts can function as donation requests.  Moreover, obtaining a Texters contact information through a Text Donation works in the reverse: It is not necessarily the donation that is important as data collection and support.

ProNetworkBuild has created political campaign text message systems for over ten years.  We have a proven, effective text message collection system which for obvious reasons we will not publish in this format, and a Text Message Broadcast and Donation System as well for campaigns.  If you are a voter, and want to suggest this to a Campaign or if you want to discuss this more, what else would you expect?  Text us!  571-501-6129   or info@pronetworkbuild.com

Local Voters want to see successful candidates.  They like following WINNERS!!  More than a few local candidates have little or no online following.  This reflects negatively on the Campaign.   PronetworkBuild is one of the few firms on the planet that has the tools and the team to grow your local following on Twitter and Facebook in a non controversial and non confrontational way.  With our merger with Shroom Social, you have a creative, and talented  team of engagement specialists who are interacting with your local voters even as you are out Campaigning.    Contact us for more information.

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