Stop Negative Thoughts Now!


Here are two guaranteed methods that work every time.  I PROMISE!!   When you are feeling down, or life is getting the best of you, do these two things, and I promise you, that your moment will turn around.  If they don’t work?  Well you just write me, and I’ll give you your money back.



Two Methods for Turning your Day or Moment Around


1.  Make a quick gratitude list in your head.   So you just got some bad news, a family member is terminally ill; the dog ran into the street, your spouse is leaving you, your boss has listed you as expendable; whatever it is, begin to make a gratitude list, and start thinking of all the things you are grateful for.

Now take ACTION!  Gratitude is a very complex spiritual force, because it works on a number of levels.  First of all gratitude focuses our attention on things that are positive.  But it also turns negatives into positives.   Gratitude cannot be underestimated.  So now, my thinking goes something like this:

*  I am grateful that I am getting laid off, because I am able to look for a more positive work experience

*  I should be grateful for my health and well being, and I can be an example to others in this time of crisis

*  Gratitude is action, so instead of wallowing in my misery, I will anonymously cut the neighbor’s grass or find a way to give

*  Gratitude is practiced by Leaders and I will move through this experience with positive energy

*  If I have nothing else to be grateful for, I am grateful for the experience to be grateful


2.  Use Laughter to Turn the Situation around:   Science and Doctors have begun to study the effects of laughter on ill patients, the mentally ill, and depression.  However, we don’t need science to tell us this works, there’s a 5,000 year old book which says: “Laughter is a merry medicine”.   Endorphins are released when we laugh, and a smile changes everything.


*  I start off with the absurd.  “How ridiculous it is that I am focusing on the negative, when I have my health and I can laugh?”

*  Sometimes, I just start with a smile, and then think of something absurd, or go read a few tweets from a funny profile

*  I turn everything into a positive, even the negatives, and then work up from a smile into a chuckle, then a full blown laugh.

*  Laughter will brighten my own mood, and help me be a positive influence on others, so it’s a way to Plant and Sow.

There have been things that have cropped up in my life recently which no sane person would consider positive.   I do not ignore their existence, I am not denying that they were painful.  But focusing on them is not going to change what has occurred.  I can only work on me, and the way I react to them.    Some things are even beyond the ability of medical science to deal with.

And yet both gratitude and laughter have sustained me.

When I learn to practice these two very effective Spiritual Forces, when I get out of my own head, and focus on helping others then I am much more creative, and the negatives have less power over me – I am less effected by events, perceptions or expectations.

So today, I encourage you to be grateful for everything –  even the bad stuff.



Lonny Dunn is an Author, Social Media Manager to Businesses / Celebs / Politicians and other Writers and is also Founder and Editor of Social N Worldwide, Inc.   His Twitter handle is ProNetworkBuild ( ).  His phone number is:  571-501-6129



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