Small Business Package


Regular Small Business Package $1499.00  Special Price $499


What Does this Fee Cover?

Your payment today will cover setting up your business, and your advertising and marketing budget for a month (monthly maintenance packages after a month as low as 49.95 or even a la carte)   including but not limited to:

1. If you do not have a website, we will create one using keyword technology that will bring in clients.

2.  Create a Google + Local Page optimized for greatest results in your niche.

3.  Fifteen Business Directory Listings Locally Immediately, these should be visible in a few days.

4.  Creation of various video channels to enhance keyword technology and search.   PLUS We Create 3 Videos with your URL and Contact Information.

5.  Management of your local “Search” Profiles in Various Search Engines

7.  Creation of Mobile Coupon Campaign

8.  Creation of Text Message Campaign, Complete with Text Message Sign Up Sheets

9.  1 Hour Phone Consultation with Social Media Manager at your convenience (Train You To Use Social Media)

10.  1,000 Local Follows per week on Twitter and Facebook in Your Geographical Region which you can convert to clients

11.  Creation of a Press Release with Keyword Technology.  This is more for “Search” Results than any actual announcement.  This is important for organic backlinks, and to drive business through hundreds of news, information and .org sites organically, not to mention RSS Feeds of the various sites themselves.

12.  Creation of Social Sites, if none exist, like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + Local.

No other Advertising Agency, Internet Marketing Company, Mobile Company, or Social Media Manager Does this.  NOBODY!!  We know.  We wanted to provide no avenue that a competitor would be able to ask you:  “Well,  can your  PR Company do this?”

This means you do not have to do all the various things yourself.  Just one Press Release for instance, might cost you $500 dollars to have an SEO company draw it up for you, then they’d have to refer you to a marketing company to draft the sales section, and then send it back to the SEO company for more keyword tweaking.

Or the Social Media Management:  Do you know of any Social Media Managers who can boast that the lead marketer alone has over 100k followers?  Nobody wants a Social Media Manager who only has 500 online connections.  If they can’t do it for themselves, how are they supposed to attract more clients for you?   And even if a Social Media Manager HAD 100k connections,  can they do all the things that PronetworkBuild does?  Do they have specialists that engage followers, and respond and post interesting content?

As part of our program to provide the best possible Social Media Management to clients are who interested in developing a Mobile Campaign with a Social Media Campaign, we have merged with Shroom Social to become the Internet’s premier Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing Provider.  We also start your local marketing campaign immediately by getting you listed in as many as 100 search directories which provide organic backlinks to your webpage.  If you don’t have a webpage, that’s even better, as we can create one using keywords which will make our job easier, and get you more business.  That’s always our goal:  Not To Land another client for us, but to create more clients for you!

No other company does it all.  We combine your Mobile Website Design, Mobile Coupon Campaigns and Mobile Search with Social Media Management on Facebook and Twitter.  This is a tall order.  Your One Time Payment of  $499 goes toward setting up and revamping your social media platform, while we undergo a thorough examination of your company’s needs and profile.  We will be forwarding you a worksheet which you should endeavor to fill out as completely as possible, so that we can do the best job for you.

Businesses are ordinarily charged $1499 for these services.  We have a Small Business Special for $499 in return for referrals.

What else will we do?

We often set up conference calls with your staff and our staff so that we have input from all parties, if possible.   We want to know what you specialize in,  and develop a knowledge of your business, so that we can be creative and start some wonderful campaigns.

We’ll provide you with Text Messaging Sign up Sheets, so that you can begin immediately developing your own database of Text Numbers for future and potential Text Message Specials.  This will help you develop more business on slower days.

We’ll get started revamping your social media profiles, so that you have keywords that have been researched, and proven to result in more exposure.

We’ll work on creating real clients and connections, and getting you meaningful results, so that you have steady supply of prospects for your business.

When Will ProNetworkBuild Start Work?

This page is here for you to make your payment, so we can get the process started today.  One thing we can do immediately is begin getting the business listed in Directories with well researched keywords that push your competitors down the rankings, and you up the rankings.  We also begin to develop various ways of driving traffic to your business.  You will be surprised at what we come up with, and the technologies that we employ, and the results.   We recommend that you call your Social Media Manager as soon as the payment goes through, so that they can begin the process of helping you make money.

I am making a payment of $499 to PronetworkBuild to start the process of establishing my Mobile and Social Media Campaign. I will contact my Social Media Manager as soon as I can to let them know that this payment has been made. I will make a good faith effort to complete the worksheet when it arrives, so that ProNetworkBuild can start work on my mobile and social marketing,  as well as directory listings, and other avenues which will increase my rankings, and make my business visible.  I understand that any Social Media campaign requires active participation on my part, and that I will be as involved and engaged in the process as much as possible. I understand that there are costs associated with advertising campaigns, text messaging coupon campaigns and other fees associated with a modern advertising plan; and that this fee is not to be considered part of those costs, however, I will be notified of any marketing expenses by PronetworkBuild before they begin any marketing plans which might require costs.  I also understand that PronetworkBuild has permission to market my business and to obtain clients on my behalf through these various strategies, and represent me in an ethical and legal manner.   I understand that ProNetworkBuild needs my information solely for marketing purposes and to get my business listed in Directories immediately, and will do so, and yet without my information PronetworBuild cannot start work on my account.    PronetworkBuild will not sell, distribute or rent my data to any other parties.  I will be furnished with reports regularly regarding what work has been done on my behalf.

One Time $499 Social Media and Mobile Marketing Set Up Fee
And Local Marketing Set Up Fee   Regularly $1499.  HALF OFF SPECIAL NEW CLIENTS ONLY!

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