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OK. Now that you have checked out, let’s get you started.

I personally work on your account, and I have a list of satisfied clients a mile long. I am a professional, and will handle your account as if it were my own. I manage brands and create an environment for success. Going over 2,000 on Twitter is more than just freeing up your account from where it is locked now. It means you being able to start following an ever larger and larger group of potential clients daily. You will be able to use it as a business tool, to target find and connect with your potential audience or clients. So let’s get you going.

We’ll need the exact log in credentials. MAKE SURE YOU TEST IT BEFORE SENDING!! Many people have their password saved in their browser, and then send me what they think are working credentials. So Test it First.

And that’s it! I get started immediately. All of the connections will be REAL, and will be active. I only follow and target real people. No Fakes.

I will confirm via eMail that I am on the Job.

eMail me your work order at:

In the event of an emergency, you can call me at 571-501-6129

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