Local Following Services

For Small Businesses; Professional Offices like Doctors and Lawyers – almost 85% of the businesses in the United States – finding local connections is their lifeblood.  PR Companies and Social Media Managers if they are not increasing the numbers of local followers, then their strategies are flawed.   We provide a cost effective resource for Public Relations Firms, Social Media Managers, Communications Companies and anyone who is involved in Event Planning or the Public.  And you, the Social Media manager get all the credit! Nobody knows about us but you.

With your focus on Press Releases, coordination, communications, meeting with principles and organising, you don’t have time to find and locate hundreds and thousands of local connections on Twitter and convert them into Facebook likes.  And if you did, you couldn’t do this very well for 5 or 10 or 15 clients, could you?  The law of diminishing returns applies.   So does the old axiom:  If you have too many things to do, you don’t do any ONE thing very well.

Twitter Allows us to follow up to 1,000 local people daily. We can never achieve these kinds of numbers by mail, the telephone, or on Facebook.

Any event, fundraiser, new business,  location opening, new service, organization, or even political group,  needs to have a strong social media profile to be taken seriously.   PR Firms, and Social Media Managers know how hard it is to get a Social Media Account like Twitter or Facebook off the ground, launched, and to make it viable.  Many hours can be spent and wasted and literally consume resources that are better spent on creative ideas.

ProNetworkbuild has built it’s brand on these principles. No regular social media practices will do! We have a strong reputation targeting, locating, and developing large online local connections which the Professional can convert to clients and customers.

We have developed strategies over the years that have helped hundreds of clients, brands, professionals, businesses large and small develop local connections using Twitter and Facebook.  Frankly, we are one of the few services in the United States that targets local connections.  Most Internet companies are still focused on “Global Reach”.   A Doctor in Florida doesn’t need followers in Maine.  A tow truck company in Missouri doesn’t need followers in Omaha.

All business is transacted within 5 miles of where the customer or consumer sits.   Sure there are some clients who want an Internet Shopping Cart and who want to deal with shipping, refunds and sell their product nationwide.  But the large majority of businesses need local clients, and we specialize in this market.

Some of Us:

Our Engagement Specialist is Alice Martin.  She has run campaigns for both national and local brands.   Alice first got her start naming medical products, many of which you have seen on T.V.  Ever wonder where those products got their non chemical handle?  Alice probably thought it up.   Then, Alice worked with the Food and Beverage Industry rolling out marketing campaigns over regional and geographical areas.   Most wine companies for instance, work regionally first, before going nationwide.  This is where she got her start doing locality based marketing.   Alice manages many local profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and G+ on the western half of the United States.   She also runs our Phoenix based online magazine SocialNPhoenix.com with over 10,000 Twitter and Facebook connections.    Alice trains our Social Media staff to be engaging, and passes along her fun personality to the troops.

Maxi Moon and Rod Calle have been trained on the East Coast through our Intern Program to identify, locate and target local connections specifically.  They have taken years of trial and error, experience and hands-on application of locality based strategies, and applied them on a daily basis.   Both Rod and Maxi are able to teach other staff members these techniques of sifting through the millions of online connections so that there is no wasted time or energy in following out of town people.  If the Business or Professional wants to hook up with someone across the country that is up to them.   But the backbone of Local Business is and always will be creating hundreds of potential contacts for the business.

Lonny Dunn has written “How to Use Twitter for Local Business”  which sells on Amazon.  He has written extensively for Evan Carmichael, and other online publications as an Internet Efficiency Expert on the subject of local connections.  With over 400,000 of his own online connections, he is a leader in the field.   The Internet is swiftly going local, with such online local networks as Yelp, Foursquare, Google + Local and others,  he is convinced this is the direction the Internet is headed.  With over 20 years helping businesses develop local networks which provide a steady consistent source of referrals and leads, he has transferred those “in person” skills to online professional networkbuilding.  Thus his handle:  “ProNetworkBuild”.

Some Recent Articles on The Subject by Lon are:  Small Business Success on Twitter      The Ultimate Engagement: A ReTweet Says Love   And  Twitter Tips for Beginner to Intermediate


Stop wasting time on Social Media, and start seeing real results for your clients.  We’ll target the locals, you keep doing what you do best.   Call 571-501-6129.