PR and Media Agents

Some popular tools for Public Relations Firms, Press Release Writers, Communications Companies, Social Media Managers and any team involved with the Public.

And the best part?  Nobody will know but you!!


Our most popular service is a quick turnaround video service, saving you time, money and energy but allowing you to take advantage of this search tool.  3 Videos, Any Content, Use any way you want.

Simple to Order, Fast Return, So Before Calling: 

1. First determine if you want it with voice over or not. The fastest way to get your client noticed is with some background music, and a quick 30 second intro. We will include the Contact Phone and URL on the video. We can have this ready in one day. Voice Overs are more specific. We will take your script or write one for you. Then we will add a voice over in either “salesy” “neutral” or “newsy” depending on what you need.

2. The Second step is to determine: Do you want us to upload it to search, or do you want to do it? We upload your video in keyword categories for more exposure. Videos of themselves are virtually useless unless there is traffic and we upload the video to over 30 video channels and create backlinks to your event or announcement page, the client’s lander, or a page we create with keywords.  Extensive ongoing research has proven which sites get you in the news the fastest.

Regular Price:  3 Videos $149  First Time Clients,  $49.00



Location Based Following and Social Media Enhancement

Offer a Service To Increase Your Clients Facebook and Twitter Numbers Dramatically

Imagine being able to walk into your client’s office and show them that their Twitter account grew by 500 or 1,000 NEW LOCAL PEOPLE last week? 

Your clients need local customers.  You need to focus on marketing and finding more clients.   And your clients need to focus on  whatever it is THEY do.  We handle the Twitter and Facebook while you spend time developing your book of business.  Ask yourself?  Do you really think you want to spend hours following hundreds if not thousands of people per day? Now multiply that time spent by 4 or 5 clients?  That is a full time job just locating 500 new local connections on Twitter and Facebook.  You won’t have any time left for other Public Relations work.

Too many Social Media managers and PR people either don’t understand the way Social Networks actually benefit the client, or they think they do, but can’t seem to get a handle on the actual ROI for repeat business.  It takes money, time and effort to locate and obtain a client.  If they spend hundreds of dollars on your service, and you don’t get them results, they will fire you, or drop the contract.  Worse, they may walk away from the experience and assume that Social Media is just a rip off.

One of the best ways to get value from social media is to immediate put in place a system for getting local connections which want to do business with your client.  This will help you keep and retain your client for repeat business, instead of just a one off project.

Try this Service For One Month for Only $9.95.  This is a No Brainer.  You Will See Results.   The Client Will See Results.  You CANNOT Order this Product For “Spam” or Brand New Accounts.  Account Must be Older than 30 Days, and you Must Intend on Following Twitter and Facebooks Terms of Service (TOS)   If you are in a rush, or on a deadline, then this service, because of the work involved will be $49.95.  Remember we are sifting through hundreds of thousands of followers to get those ACTIVE and in your Neighborhood.


Social Media Engagement

As you are well aware, without engagement on Social Media clients lose interest, do not see value, and often become statistics.  Many is the burned out Social Media account, where there has been no activity for months.    Training the client to engage their base is one of the most difficult tasks facing Social Media Managers and PR Firms.  The greatest of campaigns often goes nowhere when the only person engaging clients is the Social Media Manager who has other accounts and tasks to attend.

Offering the client engagement training using hands on techniques and showing them methods that are both profitable, and fun mean more profits for the PR Firm or Social Media Manager.

First Time Accounts:  $4.99 Per Week.  One Month Maximum.  We will Respond to Mentions, ReTweets and Follows for you.  Remember, without Engagement, Many People Stop Paying Attention to You.  WITH Engagment, People Love You.  Regardless of What You are Selling.


Same Day Website Creation and Design (very popular, fast and cheap)

Sometimes the PR Firm or Social Media Manager either doesn’t have access to the website,  or limited access to the Client’s Webmaster.   And you need  FAST results, not delays, excuses or obstacles.   A popular solution has been to create a separate keyword webpage which works as a backlink for stand alone projects or to drive traffic to specific events.  Same day service means that you are not waiting for some “technical” team to deliver results.  Having a trusted, fast, reliable source for easy website creation is a must for any PR Firm, Social Media Manager, or anyone engaged with the public.  There are literally thousands of instances that we can think of where fast, reliable website creation is necessary and the only solution.

Complete with Domain Name!  We purchase the Keyword Domain Name, Set up the Webpage, and Submit to Directories all in the same day.

Repeatable Offer  $49.95



Popular, unique feature which allows you to utilize the best research when formatting your Press Releases, Event Page, Web Design and Social Media Announcements.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team at your fingertips who can research phrases, words, even whole sentences to get you the most impact?  And have them recommend which search engines to submit to so that you aren’t wasting time?

Integrating your work so that you take advantage of news sites, Press Release Sites, search engines, mobile technology, and social network platforms means you can get on to the task of completing your Press Release with the opening sentence or two already configured for the greatest results.  Why take a chance that nobody sees your release?   When there is a scientific solution available to you?


Regular Price $79.  First Time Clients, We’ll Do the Entire Process for $9.99


Small Business Plug In

Simply a MUST for any business, large or small.  This very popular,  “kitchen sink” plug in has universal appeal.

Sometimes the client is simply in a hopeless situation.  You know it –  she/he probably doesn’t know it.  They lack a good social media presence, they have no website, their computer skills have been delegated to an intern,  or not at all.  When asked what keywords would work well, they point to their website, and say:  “Joes Arugala Farm” shows up when I type it in” and that is their level of search knowledge. Or maybe you have a client that is a start up, and just announcing their new business to the world.  And you take them on as your client, but “Grand Opening” only goes so far, right?

You know they need a little of everything, but that will cost thousands.   Having an affordable Small Business Plug in that gives them “The Works” or “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”  is the solution.   This gives your client Directory Listings in Keyword Technology  over 200 various directories;  a separate website if they need it;  additional press release submissions; mobile webpage, mobile coupon set up; text message marketing set up;   social media training; social media profile set up in keyword technology – all at a price that you can recommend with confidence, and still make money by suggesting it!  A true “Win Win” for you, the client, and the consumer.

Regular Price:  $1499.    Special Limited Time Offer  $499


Tailor Made “Custom” Solutions

PR Firms, Social Media Managers, anyone involved in an event run across situations where they simply do NOT have the time for trial and error or experimenting with unfamiliar solutions.

  * The client calls two days before the event, they have no money,  your writer is sick, and your computer is down.  Could it get much worse?

  *  The client calls with a situation you are unfamiliar with, and requests something you don’t know how to do?

  *  The account has absolutely no idea what they are doing, but they assured you they could handle their end of the promotion.

Whatever it is that needs to get accomplished.  We handle it fast, reliably and efficiently.  So you don’t have to.