Political Content is Emotional and Controversial

 I Want to Talk about Morals.

Those on the Left may say: “Don’t talk to me about morals”

On the Right: “Empires decline by their morals”

Entering a Political discussion is emotional, make no mistake about it. However, remember an axiom I created long ago:

“If you want to lose 50 percent of your audience? Start taking sides in a political fight”

Politics with its paradoxical eMotional and controversial triggers is a delicate, but effective tool in a marketer’s toolbox. Whether the simple Newshack or a Survey, political content can be navigated scientifically, but not overwhelmingly in a marketer’s bag of wizardry.

Take it Slow

Do not add too much political content, a widget here, an article there.  Do not become controversial, take it easy.  Test the market.

Use eMotional Triggers as Headline Copy

The best hacks are using political content emotional triggers in headline, not necessarily inflaming the reader in the body of the text.  For instance:  “Mayor Wants Secret Undemocratic Vote”  will garnish more traffic than “Rumor of Closed Door Session”   Headline writing, like writing a FB post or Tweet is the ability to use eMotional keywords in short spaces, and compelling the reader to click destination URLs.

Add a Good Writer to Your Staff

Having good talent helps.  If you want good content, try to get a moderate political  blogger on your staff.  A lackluster centrist is better than an excited radical.   Do not take a position yourself.  Keep an open mind, and hire someone with Integrity.   Offer them a byline on all their contributions and content.

Case Studies

As a Data Scientist you must let go of your old marketing habits and take on a Digital Mindset.  Start collecting your Digital Case Study Library now.  Collect it over time.   Bookmark objective articles and content which you do not find objectionable, and reference these to your writers.



Lonny Dunn is founder of Social N Worldwide  with Websites and Tens of Thousands of users   in each of the  Major U.S. Markets.   His older Brand: PronetworkBuild  helps small business, professionals, entrepreneurs, eBook Authors, eCommerce sites, companies and corporations convert.  His specialty is micro local social and the interplay of micro local SEO.   Lon can be reached at:  571-501-6129  or eMail:  PronetworkBuild@Gmail.com  Lon Will add you to his G+.  Add him back on Google’s Social Network






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