OK. I would like the Basic Plan

I have tried other Social Media Managers, and I am ready to hire one who knows about such things as:

Data Mining

Emotional Triggers

Sociological Profiling

Key Word Embedded Social Tactics


Account Growth

Sales Conversions

Penetrating Niche Markets

Penetrating Local Markets

Using Social To Data Mine the Local Population

Best Social Practices

I understand that PronetworkBuild wants to use my Social Media profiles to burrow into niche markets nationally, or micro local markets to drive sales to my business.  I am the Owner, or represent the Owner of this business.  I am ready to commit to a real social media strategy that bears results.  I am ready to start today.  This is a one month payment, and Pronetworkbuild will NOT automatically take this monthly, but will bill me instead.  It is up to me to continue beyond one month.  Should I choose, I can get the same basic service for $149 a month on a long term plan.  Until then I want to try the service out for $199 Per Month.  Please Help me gain new sales using social media with the Virtual Social Media Assistant Basic Plan for $199 / Month.  I understand that I can watch this video and it explains the Virtual Assistant to me:



Thanks!!  We will be in touch.  You may eMail us upon Check Out at Pronetworkbuild@gmail.com  after making your payment.  If you prefer, you may also be directed to a page upon check out.




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