Network For Sale

This may be the strangest post I’ve ever had to write.

Social Media Network For Sale

Start Up? Entrepreneur? Need to Grow Your Business Fast?

We can Change the Profiles to Your Company or Product Name

Profiles Already Established in the Following Top 10 U.S. Cities








San Diego



If you have any doubt as to our Network creating talents, consider this.  I personally have over 225,000 Connections, check out my profile at:

I am also Founder of Social N Worldwide with over 2 Million Connections.   You can see the sheer size and magnitude of that network with this Map.  Make sure to wait for all the “dots” to appear, there are many of them:    And before you ask: No.  I am not selling off portions of my own network.

Let’s just say that the Canadian Company that hired us to build their Online Brand is no more.   And we were left with all these accounts.
If you want to grow fast, if you want to increase your Online Presence by ten fold, if you want to drive thousands of hits to your online brand ~ or if you want to grow in the major U.S. Markets, then this is a fast way to do it.  The accounts are secure, I’ve tested all the passwords.

The company still owes me about $2500 in Fees.  All  accounts go for a Total of $1,500.  No. I am not breaking up a matched set, so please don’t ask.  And YES, if you need us to manage them, we’ll do that for you, and show you how to make money on Social Media.

Serious Inquiries Only.  571-501-6129



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