My Three Internet Axioms

This morning’s tip:

My Three Principles of Internet Marketing:

If you think of these three principles every single time you post to Twitter, Facebook or Google + you will greatly increase your odds of reaching more people.   People don’t want to waste time, you have about 42 seconds to connect, make that time count by using these three principles:

1. SLO – Self Liquidating Offer – Give something away, undercharge, overdeliver.

2. Make Everyone Your Google – Everyone should be so impressed they send referrals, and talk you up.

3. Always have the End User Land on a “Call To Action”  – IE:  A contact form, coupon, discount, or map directions never have them land on the home page, it’s too “busy” and you’ll lose them

I start with these principles, establish myself as knowledgeable, and throw this into every conversation somewhere.

Memorize these three axioms, and they will change your life!




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