MSFT Bing Take over AOL Search

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine will take over AOL, which formerly had a deal with Google.  Bing has announced a 10 Year Contract to power AOL’s search results.  Bing already has a co branding solution with Yahoo!  You’ve probably  noticed that Bing and Yahoo search pages are identical, and provide you the same search results.  They literally feed off the same servers.  Combined Bing and Yahoo can make up 20 to 30 percent of search results, Google 60%.    Now AOL can be added to the Total for Bing and Yahoo, and the amount of your monthly expenses devoted toward those search engines just got a pop of about two percent higher ROI.

What does this mean for AOL?  Looking at the Comscore results, AOL has nothing much to brag about. has 1.8 of the search market, and AOL is even lower than Ask at 1.6 percent of search.  This is a paltry part of the market, but still worth noting.  (By the Way, has that terrible spam feature which takes over end user’s tool bars…. that pretty bad for AOL to have fewer search inquiries than a spam service!)  Comscore April 2015 Results

Creating pages which get indexed on Bing/Yahoo/AOL have always been different than Google.  For instance, using Video Backlinks on YouTube, which is owned by Google has been a favorite traditional stand by for SEO and Marketing firms.  Putting a well researched and scientifically produced  description in the YouTube video can provide a quality backlink to a G+ page, or BlogSpot post, and a nice web of backlinking can be built by an expert in about a day or two.

The same tricks have never worked on DailyMotion or Metacafe.  Putting a Google related product into an alternative Video site can earn you a pink slip and fast.  I had an Intern who tried that after being warned, and she got my DailyMotion Account permanently locked!   Daily Motion and Metacafe WILL list your Video, and experienced marketers know to use Bing and Yahoo (and now AOL) friendly content in the Video Descriptions, and NEVER mention a G+ Page, or YouTube product.

I’ve always harbored the thought or notion that Bing and Yahoo searchers are a completely different breed of animal than a Google searcher.    AOL, once the behemoth by which all others were judged was able to buy Time Warner, and Road Runner and all kinds of marvelous hopes and dreams were projected  before it failed.  Society has moved beyond AOL as a business model, as Telecomms went into direct competition for DSL and other high speed connection services.  AOL who wanted to be involved in every aspect of our lives peaked and when it moved backwards to buy a traditional media firm, lost it’s focus and cutting edge skills at creating markets.   MSFT and Yahoo can’t allow their giant companies to completely throw in the towel on search, as there are too many dollars at stake in manipulating results, and selling ads.   One way for them to increase market share was to buy AOL’s search business, and share some mobile and ad revenue.

The bottom line for SEO Firms and Marketers is that the secondary search market just grew a couple of percentage points.  Marketers will still have to fashion campaigns and articles for Google first and then Bing/Yahoo! second.  However, the work that we do on this second tier stuff just grew!  Not much.   But our chances of getting seen by a few more folks just grew a bit more.


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