Month Long Complete Social Media Campaign

Complete Social Media Campaign for $19.95

Lowest Campaign Price We’ve Ever Offered!  Limited  Availability.

You have just purchased a SELF LIQUIDATING OFFER (SLO) from PronetworkBuild.  We have partnered with Social N which has accounts in each major market.  Moreover, this gives us the ability to deliver either a national message or local message.

You should immediately craft a Proposed Tweet of 105 Characters.   Why do we ask you to do this, when we have so much experience?  Because we are not mind readers.  We need you to steer us in the right direction, as we have no idea what you are looking to do.   Put your FULL URL at the end of this proposed Tweet.  DO NOT SHORTEN THE URL, our software will do that for you.  Finally, after you have a pretty decent tweet with FULL URL  send it to:     If it needs work, I will change it, but not much.  I will try to keep the general theme.  Maybe I will just add an emotional trigger, or reframe it in the form of a question.

As a result of this purchase you are entitled to sign up for the Virtual Social Media Assistant Package.    We basically run your Social Program FOR YOU.   We do it right.  We use the same strategies that helped Social N get 3 million connections in 8 months (faster than Pinterest).   Our Specialty is using social to:

~ Burrow into Micro Niche Markets

~ Burrow into Micro Local Markets

~ Use Scientific Social Data to Create Campaigns that Convert

~ Drive Sales to Your Business Using Social

~  Growth Techniques that so called self described Social Media Managers do not possess

~  Use Real Human Engagement Specialists who spot sales opportunities online and contact you immediately

~  No Automatic Billing ~ Cancel Anytime

Normal Price is $199 Per Month for our Basic Service

Anyone who has purchased the PronetworkBuild SLO  can sign up (This is the Only Offer You Will Receive) can buy the Basic Service for only $149 a month, on a month to month basis, and lock in this Non Profit / Cause  Rate.

.  If you send us your tweet with this form, we will not post your tweet.  If you are sending a tweet, then go back to the top of the page and read over.  ONLY People Interested in the Virtual Social Media Assistant Package should fill out the form below.

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