Medical Marijuana Phoenix

Medical Marijuana Phoenix

Herbal Wellness Center, the Newest Medical Marijuana Facility in Phoenix, AZ, is the latest commercial venture into  the Arizona Medical Marijuana Market.

Since passing the Medical Marijuana Act in 2011 through Proposition 203 Arizona has issued licenses to 100 treatment centers state wide.  The benefits of Medical Marijuana in treating MS, Glaucoma, and according to Herbal Wellness Center’s Website:   “the amelioration of nausea and vomiting, stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy patients, lowered intraocular eye pressure, as well as gastrointestinal illness. It also has antibacterial effects and is one of the best-known expectorants.”

An argument could be made that Herbal Wellness Center,  is the most well appointed of Phoenix’ medical marijuana facilities, with leather chairs, plush surroundings and it’s own unique strains.

Medical Marijuana is not only a popular choice among voters, but the idea is gaining traction on Social Media as well, with sites like Yelp even giving Medical Marijuana it’s own category.

So if you suffer from some debilitating disease, or “chronic pain”  how do you go about getting a Card?

You can have your Medical Marijuana Card within 14 days.

The Arizona Department of Health Services is rather efficient; cards are generally issued and in your hands within 14 days.

I’m qualified, I have my card…how long is my card valid?

The Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana cards are valid for one year.  90 days prior to your card’s expiration date, you will receive an email reminding you about your upcoming expiration and to make arrangements for your renewal.  Your new card will not become active until one day after your current card expires, even if you renew early.

If you are interested in receiving your medical marijuana card, you may contact United MMC, located approximately 2 miles from Herbal Wellness Center.

Medical Marijuana Phoenix

Medical Marijuana Phoenix




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