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Local SEO

Local SEO, is scientific research of Long Tail Search Terms to create keyphrases on Websites or Blogs, which  drive traffic to Social Media pages, or are used to convert the end user to clients or customers.

Micro Local Social Media is targeting, and locating local connections, which are converted into meaningful relationships.  Micro Local Social Media is not a “global approach” to social networking, but specific, detailed and intelligent use of social media to contact and reach more people than traditional sources like the mail, in person or by phone.

Using both strategies, a small business owner with the help of a Micro Local Specialist, can take advantage of existing technologies to reach hundreds if not thousands of local clients and connections each week.  The strategies herein are only a guide, and we are not recommending that a Small Business can take these tips and do them alone.  Some aspects might work, but unless fully integrated and taken in totality,  a business will see little by way of Return on Investment.

Let’s explore for instance, LSI  SEO for a moment and how that works with a Local SEO Campaign.

LSI is a ranking factor in Google’s organic search engine algorithm. In terms of writing online content for the purpose of maximizing conversions, it means that we have to pay attention to the phrases and content that are associated with our main topic in the course of a normal conversation. From Wikipedia, LSI is the “ability to correlate semantically related terms that are latent in a collection of text“.

If we are writing content for a Fishing Site,  words like river, lake, bait, fishing pole would be ordinarily used in conversation or more specifically “semantically related”.   Another semantic relationship might be a Website or Article on Dentistry would be semantically related to: tooth, fillings, braces and molars.

Taking this into account, Google’s algorithm wants us to focus on “Key Phrases” rather than words, and we need to use these phrases naturally, within the context of our Website or pages.

Let’s adapt this to an example that might work for us.  I typed in:  “fishing spots in fairfax county, va”

Upon Landing on the first result, I found this very natural, and yet semantically related paragraph on the top search result, pay attention to the use of words which come so smoothly, while also including the word,  fishing:

Come wet a line!

During a competitive tournament a few years ago with tens of thousands of dollars on the line, professional bass fisherman Denny Brauer saw a young couple quietly angling with worms while sitting together on a dock. He reflected, “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

          Fishing can be intense and competitive or calming and contemplative.

You can capture fishing moments in Fairfax County, because fishing is legal in Park Authority waters unless posted signs say otherwise. A valid Virginia fishing license is required for people 16 years and older, and Virginia fishing regulations apply.


Note that the article is NOT laced throughout with keywords, instead has natural KEY PHRASES and  that they work nicely and naturally within the number 1 search result, as indeed they should. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and similar topics are important to your online success, and if you ignore these topics then you simply won’t be successful in creating online content that ranks and converts.

I am not suggesting that a small business owner attempt to use LSI SEO on their own or  “wing it”.   This almost always ends up taking up more time and trouble than it’s worth.  Then, after hundreds of hours of trial and error, the small business convinces her/him self that SEO doesn’t work, and that this author must be a crackpot.  NO!!  The idea is that there are tools for LSI SEO just like there are “paid” tools for organic search and  adwords search.   Most businesses will not want to subscribe and pay for tools, only to discover that they may get it all wrong anyway.

There is a scientific method for creating LSI SEO.   By researching, editing, and tweaking the content, we develop content that works.  We cannot ignore outbound links or inbound links either, nor can we leave behind our bookmarking and Social Integration.  When we’ve developed ALL the factors that make up a good page, we can expect to be on page 1 of search and get the results we are looking for.

Let’s face it:  Organic Search is free.  Businesses are out to get as many “hits” and clients from natural search as they can.  Paid AdWords Campaigns are out of the reach of small business people.  In the “Good  ‘Ol Days” Adwords used to be 7 cents or 10 cents per “hit”, but now Google is charging 5 to 8 dollars per click!  Adwords for some people is simply out of reach. 

A solid, local SEO strategy is often the way to go.   The best Local SEO is a paradox.  It should be stand alone, while simultaneously built in stages.  Each month should be able to provide tangible, effective results, but also contain developmental potential.   Each element should be seemlessly integrated into the entire process.

Find out More about Pricing and Ordering a Local SEO Today.   Any City or Country in The World, Get Noticed Fast, Results in First Week!   Our Emphasis is on Immediate Results, and a Long Term Strategy.  You will see Results in the First Week.  And you should be prepared to grow your investment over a 6 to 12 Month Period.



Setting up the Local Social Media Campaign

In the present case, Pronetworkbuild would do many things: (Probably immediately set up a site for distributing a free fishing guide called “Fishing Spots in Fairfax County Va, and start list building, LoL )  but we want to be specific in our cross marketing.

First, we need a traffic generator, which will give us the ability to reach the masses.  Twitter is best for this.  Micro Local following is possible.  Pronetworkbuild is one of the few Marketing Companies that offers this resource, and we do it for Social Media Managers, Small Companies, Professionals, and Corporations every day.  Most firms don’t know where to start.

Secondly,  setting up LinkedIn, Yelp and Meet Up accounts as well as Google + and Facebook Landing Pages using this keyword phrase throughout will yield tremendous results. In the instant case, because we are dealing with “Fishing” we would suggest a Pinterest  and Instagram for the visual as well as networking capabilities.

Properly enhancing local SEO articles with Social Media is a win win.   When not done properly, it is largely a waste of time.  I have seen pages that cost a business thousands of dollars but which do not even appear in search, and the company has never converted one sale from their website results. (Without Backlinks a Website is Virtually Useless)

We set up Multiple Cities for First Time Clients, to show off our prowess.  We are one of the few Marketing/SEO/Social Media Firms on the planet that even knows how to do this.  We’ve recently set up an entire network of Social Media Accounts WITH websites in the Top 100 Cities in the United States!

Setting Up and Establishing a Social Media Account for Multiple Cities is only $499 Per City. And Includes setting up 5 Social Networking Accounts.   That’s $100 For Each City.  This includes targeting and following local clients on Twitter and Driving Traffic to FB, G+ and LinkedIn.   After the first month, maintenance accounts start as low as $49 per month. Contact  ProNetworkbuild@gmail.com  and include SOCIAL ACCOUNT SET UP on the Subject Line.


To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Many businesses buy a website and have no traffic.  It’s akin to a restaurant stocking up on filet mignon and having no customers. Why own a website if we have no way of driving traffic to that site?

Not having a local strategy means abandoning customers to the competitor.   Search engines rank by popularity.  You have to be in the game to win.  You have to at least show up.  We are reminded of Woody Allen’s famous expression:  “95 Percent of Life is Just Showing Up”   … The companies that are using Local SEO continue to take advantage of the most recent search changes to win.  They abandon their competitors who don’t get in the game.  Google continues to rank them higher NOT BECAUSE THEY PAY FOR ADWORDS  but because they get a Local SEO Specialist to dominate those keywords and keyphrases to keep them at the top of search.


We Start Immediately, TODAY, as soon as we are retained. Yes, please manage my Social Media and turn it into a business tool, Lon, I am excited to get started.   Here is my $499 in full:


I would like to make payments. Thanks for Financing this In House. I can pay $125 Today to get Started, and will make another payment next week.

Feel Free to Contact Us!! We’d be glad to help you with your local issues.

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Lonny Dunn has written books about using Social Media for Local Business, and wears two hats, because he is also  Editor and Publisher of various publications for over 20 years.  Moreover, he is a Local Specialist on Social Media having set up hundreds of Accounts all over the world for small businesses, professionals, and corporations.  He also handles Local SEO Accounts, Reputation Management, Website Management, and Website Design.  He works with a group of Grad Student Interns through “The Annandale Project”   mentoring them through large and small projects alike.   If you want to contact Lon Dunn about your Local SEO and Social Media Campaigns, call 571-501-6129 or eMail  ProNetworkBuild@gmail.com

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