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I had the good fortune to “Launch”  Social N Worldwide, Inc.  We used a business model that was profoundly simple.  We went out with the attitude of creating an audience first, and the content second.  This is completely different from any other business model.  And we have 4 million connections spread over a hundred social media accounts, and we reached 1.8 million followers in less than 18 months, faster than Pinterest was able to reach it’s goal.  Pinterest by the way, had millions of dollars from Venture Capital.  We had ourselves, a great idea, and dedication to growth.  It is this absolute certainty that growth techniques are more valuable than money that kept us growing the network every day, helped us develop ninja tactics that work, and kept us going.

You may ask: “Lon how can you create an audience before you have content?”  EXACTLY!!  Now you’re catching on.

Everyone wants to create an app, or launch a site, and then figure out who the clients will be, how to drive traffic, how to test the app.  The problem that folks run into, is that they have invested hundreds of hours, and often thousands of dollars on a product, and they have no “live” clients to test the product or app on.   This traditional method passed down to us from academia, incubators or mentors suffers serious flaws in the modern world.

The very same self described authorities who preach this nonsense also admit that getting a product to market is harder than winning the lottery!  If only 1 or 2 percent of businesses will still exist in two years, if there is a 98 percent failure rate?  Then what drives Entrepreneurs to continue?  Optimism.  Bootstrappers and the self employed tend to delude themselves.  But even more importantly the axiom:  “We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results”  hold’s true.  We cannot apply principles that have been around 10,000 years and expect them to work in the digital world.

We MUST give our Start Up a pre Launch; pre pre launch, and the launch before the launch.    The “Launch before the Launch” is when we  begin today building our network.  I have an acquaintance, who not only changed his entire business model, he even changed the name of his Company!  So what happened?  We changed the name on his social media accounts, and that was about it.  He still kept all his connections.   In this case, we had built up over 10k new followers for him in 3 months.

We don’t use “organic” techniques like self styled or self described Social Media Managers.   Often businesses make the mistake of outsourcing this all important task to Interns, College age Kids, or volunteers.   This is akin to trusting your business plan to an amateur.   99 percent of the Social Media managers are afraid of selling!  But even worse, they are afraid to actually sort through the millions of connections to find the ones in your niche.  Instead, they show numbers and reports.  Fact is, reports are not sales.   Explanations don’t pay bills.

If there are no solid numbers than there is no Social Media growth.  How come our clients accounts have tens of thousands of connections, and their competitors are lucky to have a handful?  We focus on growth.  It is hard to test a Start Up’s viability on ten people.  They may be telling you what you want to hear.   They may be afraid to offend you and tell you that your App really sucks, or you need to change the name.   A focus group of old college buddies and your mentor is no focus group at all.

So the Launch before the Launch is all about building your Social Networks HUGE AND FAST and simultaneously while you are designing your App or Writing your Business Plan.

When is the best time to start the Pre Launch?  Yesterday.

The experience of growing micro local accounts in each major U.S. market  has given me wonderful insights into social media, the Internet and launching new apps.  To give an example or two: In Los Angeles, our account, “SocialInLA” has 80,000 connections.   In Chicago, we have 60k.

The discipline and dedication it took to grow this brand nationwide also proved to me the complete absurdity of “Organic Growth” … Unless you have hundreds of writers, and an Editor, and large budget like Mashable or TechCrunch, the “organic” method of growth is going to be a HUGE time suck, and you are NEVER, EVER going to have more than a handful of followers.   To site an example:  We tested “Organic Growth” on Facebook.  For an entire year in Phoenix, Arizona, our Vice President of Sales posted a colorful picture, was friendly, and consistently grew that account with the best organic techniques.  You know the kind I speak of:  The kind of techniques that millennials learn to use in college, the kind of techniques that the self described experts use.  Well,  Alice got one or two likes per day!!  After a year of testing, we switched to a Ninja Tactic, and we started growing the account by 10 new clients per day.   You tell me which you’d rather have for your business.   “Organic”  or the real deal?

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