Launching a Retail or Intenet Business?

If you Google the words:  How to Use Twitter for Local Business, then you will find me at Number 1 on Google and Amazon.   Why do I mention this?  Because I am a guerrilla marketer, I have skills that set me apart from  so called “Social Media Managers” or self described “digital strategists”…  Put me up against any of them, and I will show you the difference.  I am results oriented, not reports oriented.   I use tactics that leap over the competitor, trigger sales, and craft Campaigns to immediately benefit YOU the business owner, not my wallet and bank accounts.  Sure I want to be paid a fair price, but I want to see you make a fair profit from my work.


Are you  losing business by default to those who understand the game?  Are you tired of your business not showing up on Page 1 of Google?  Loosing thousands of dollars per day?

Social Media isn’t free.  Marketing isn’t free.  If you are thinking you are going to bootstrap your way and be competitive, I can save you a LOT  OF MONEY and time.  Stop right now.  Go back to your desk job.  It’s time someone spoke to you frankly and honestly.   If you think you are going to compete for free?  You are delusional.  The human brain is capable of convincing itself of almost anything.   People think they aren’t hoarders and they have house full of junk or cats.   We can believe just about any delusion that we can come up with.  That doesn’t make it so.   And I really don’t want you to waste your time on Social Media or getting your business visible on a shoestring.  I am not opposed to using guerrilla marketing tactics which leap over the competitor, but that doesn’t mean “shoestring”…

What is a guerrilla marketer anyway? First of all, that is the guy who doesn’t run up your bill with useless tactics that don’t work.  For instance, the “organic” approach to marketing.  Getting your business some meaningless likes and Retweets and then informing you: “Look! You got three likes this week!”  …  Folks, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from people:  “I tried social media, and I can’t say that we got any results from it”

You know why?  Because there is an age bias in Social Media, and most social media managers don’t know how to sell, or they bought some Course, and call themselves an “expert” or they sell some cheap fake followers on Twitter and Facebook, and they are ripping people off.   The entire industry is full of posers and liars, and if you listen to enough of them, they all seem about the same after a while, and nobody is willing to talk the facts of life to you or even themselves.  Even the academics teaching it in Universities and the Start Up incubators are teaching tactics that don’t work.   When you multiply the age bias in favor of “young” people who don’t know how to sell, with the useless tactics that pose as master strokes of inginuity, you have a failed Social Media ecosystem and millions and millions of people fail at Social Media.   Nobody wants to face the truth:  Social Media is best conducted by a guerrilla marketer, and it costs money.  It’s that simple.  That is the formula that works.  Everything else is a waste of time or money.

Social Media requires emotional triggers,  calls to action (CTA’s)  human connectivity at the POS,  results based tangible proof that sales are coming in and creative marketing tactics.  Social Media has to take advantage of sociolcultural shifts, identify patterns in sociological samples, and you as a business owner have to have access to large enough networks so that your sampling provides data.   Social Media requires time.  TIME!!  You know, that stuff that life is made of.   When we don’t realize that there is more to Social than some kid out of college doing our Twitter and Facebook, and we don’t realize that they don’t even know the first thing about sales, or selling, or even life?   Then we are doomed.

As Founder and Editor of Social N Worlwide, Inc I have built a tremendously huge network of 4 million connections in places like  @SocialInNewYork socialInMiami @SocialInLA  etc, et all, the top 65 Cities Nationwide!


In only 7 Months.  That’s what?  200 days?   We grew Social N into a nationwide brand.  That is the experience and  results we bring to you, the client, who wants sales  daily.    You want results not meaningless reports, you want increased revenue.   You want cash, and you want it now.


So we have taken both Micro Local SEO (Your Internet Marketing) and Micro Local Social Media to a whole new level applying the principles in my book, we have not only demonstrated that you can have a great strategy, but that it will work and you will make  money using Social Media to your advantage.   It is not unusual for our clients  to make 100 new local connections daily, or  even be able to handle all their new connections:  they can hardly keep up with all the new work.  And we ask that you refer us at least 5 clients, no MLM, and if you are an internet business?  You will have to be screened.

 To retain us immediately to represent YOU TODAY, make a PayPal Payment to:  that with an “N” not “In”.   It is not uncommon for people to pay us without even calling.  We refund many people, as we only take on those who are serious about really competing, and we have to like you, and enjoy working with you.   If after we speak to you, we find that you are not the kind of client we want or need, we’ll refund your money immediately, no harm no foul.  I can tell you, I answer the phone much more quickly for someone who has retained me ~ this is a valid way to get my attention.

We take care of Public Relations, Social Media, Website Design, Technical Deficiencies on Your Website, Calls To Action, Advertising, Marketing, Creative Campaigns, Shopping Carts, Events, Festivals, Political Campaigns…  Our skillsets are quite impressive.  We are not bragging, we are simply stating what we know our strengths are.


Or you can eMail me at, my number is 703-675-0593



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