Is Your Twitter Stuck?

Twitter’s Following Limit of 2,000 is more than an annoyance, it’s stopping your growth.

Did you know that Twitter allows us to follow 1,000 people per day?   This is one powerful valuable  tool.  Imagine being able to connect with and reach that many new readers, or potential clients, or connections?  If you are like most people on Social Media, your standard practice of just waiting for this to happen is not working, is it?  Well, you can keep doing the same thing and expect different results, or you can take ACTION today.


Twitter has installed a glass ceiling of 2,000 and then never, in any of their support materials show us how to get around it.

So called organic methods don’t work.  What you think is the most witty and inspired tweets of the Century don’t work, or we’d all go viral with the first Tweet.

As Founder of Social N Worldwide, the team and I ran into this glass ceiling hundreds of times.   Social N now has over 2 Million Connections.   So obviously, some of us know how to do it, and then there is everyone else. (See this Map of Just How Large Social N really is:

We have all kinds of packages, from Virtual Social Media Assistant to Tweet Campaigns.  But we’ve never offered this specific service just for those of you stuck at 2,000.   Well, now you can hire us to get around that for you.

If you are a spammer, multi level marketer, or annoying, then don’t bother, I won’t work for you.  If you are just trying to build your business, and you are trying to expand your audience, and reach more people?  Then I will make it happen.

Yes. I want PronetworkBuild to Get My Twitter Account Out of the Doldrums.

Make it Happen:

I have over 1,000 Followers, and I am stuck and want to break through the Glass Ceiling:



I have Fewer Than 1,000 Followers on Twitter, and I need your help to get around Twitter’s Glass Ceiling.

Make it Happen:



AND We’ll install an automated DM system at no charge.  We are already paying for this service at a professional level, and we can use this technique to drive traffic to your Facebook, Blog or wherever you want!   It is a pleasure to help you out.


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