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Yes, I would like to Apply for an Internship, and Learn from the Best!

Our Priority is on Grad Students who Need School Credit, the Underemployed or  Unemployed who need to increase SkillSets.  75 to 100 successful Interns per year go through our extensive training.

PronetworkBuild owns Social N Worldwide, Inc with websites and Social Profiles in 65 Cities, and over 3 Million Connections.  Social N features News Alerts Announcements Posts and Articles on Entertainment Music Events The Arts Causes Non Profits and Advertiser’s Content.   The ProNetworkBuild Brand focuses on New Media, Social Data Science Management, Internet Marketing, Creative Campaign Creation, Measurable Sales Results, and Sustained Content Creation.

This dual role as both Social Influencer/Publisher as well as Internet Marketer/SEO gives ANY Intern a far better chance of success over the long term.  Enterprise level hands on activity is in real world environment, bypassing  theoretical academic intangibles putting the Intern in the best position for their future.   Internships are virtual, there is no commute, no wasted gas or expense.

Serious Applicants are Considered.  Please do not submit forms out of “interest” only or to gather information.  It may just be that someone who desperately needs an Internship to Graduate, who wants to work at a prestigious new brand is denied a chance, because someone else is clicking buttons.    This is a serious and busy prospect that you have encountered.  Some have described it as: An Internship on Steroids.  We want serious applicants ready to hit the ground running with a “can do” attitude.

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, take initiative, and follow through by calling.  We are probably swamped.

YES! I am a serious candidate for Internship, and I want to move forward with the process:

Intern Application

  • We will review your information, and invite you to Skype if we see a good fit. Our goal is to get you up to speed with modern American Job standards, especially the fast growing career path of Social Media, and online Advertising, which is in the $100s of Billions each year. This is Enterprise Level Hands On Exerience managing vast U.S. undertaking.


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