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What is the biggest challenge facing Indie Web Series and Filmmakers?  Aside from funding their project, ask any of them, and they will tell you:  “Getting traffic to sites, getting ‘hits’ and driving an audience to see productions” .   YouTube as we all know drives traffic to our competitors.  And it’s not just Indie Filmmakers and Web Series producers that know this well.  Anyone anywhere knows that YouTube suggests competitors videos every time we click a link on YouTube.

There is no Indie Film or Web Series Content Delivery System that has emerged apart from Big Studio or YouTube.

Social N seeks to change that, and make an end around YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, or any other Video Delivery System.   Social N is betting on the fact that Indie Video Producers,  faced with an alternative to YouTube – ANY alternative, will jump at the chance to have their work seen by tens of thousands of viewers.   And it looks as though Social N has the audience they seek.

With millions of connections  nationwide, Social N is well positioned to achieve the almost impossible task of besting Big Media at it’s own game.  In many people’s minds, they already have.

Founded early 2010 in Washington, DC,  Social N started as a Social Media Profile in the nation’s Capitol.   Since then it has expanded nationally to become the largest purely social brand in each major metropolitan US market.  Now Social N seeks to leverage those tens of thousands of connections and deliver live streaming and recorded streaming video to their HUGE online market.

Social N: Laying the Foundation for Nationwide Network

The above map from Social N’s Corporate (definitely BETA)  Website show’s it’s HUGE VAST Reach across the United States.

How can you become involved?

Indie Web Series Producers and Filmmakers are encouraged to do a Search in their Local Market, and find Venture Capital Investors and send them a link to Social N’s Investor Page.  By creating buzz around this project, Indie Filmakers can speed up the process of capital expenditure, and get Investors Involved.   The URL to Send Local Investors is:

Indie Filmmakers and Web Series are encouraged to connect with Social N’s Creative Department, by contacting  With 35 years in the Indie music and Entertainment space, Anders has supported Indie Music, the Arts, and Entertainment with passion, and brings a unique imaginative mind to Social N.



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