Impressions are a scam you want conversions

Here’s a real letter to a Client about Impressions, and that they are scams.. I then go on to talk about conversions

The “Hits” you should go to your Server Administrator and ask them to get a “Zero Baseline” … Expect push back from them.

I would say in 99 percent of cases, they just give a blanket:  “Oh, we can’t do that…” since they would prefer you not to require them to do any work.

But if you don’t have a running average of what is going on? How can you be effective on Internet Marketing.

To give you an example, we can go into our Websites and pull the information off of the Server.  Sure it takes a couple of clicks, but the data is invaluable.

Here is a random screenshot from one of our sites.

Again, expect pushback, overcome the push back, and insist on the DATA.

Great question, and you are already asking for changes, so things are moving along.

TODAY would be a great day to get a “ZERO BASELINE” for instance, if your page all last week only got 10 hits per day???

But today is getting 200 hits?  Than you are at 2,000 percent increase by virtue of this Twitter Campaign.    You won’t know what is going on without access to your Server, or in the very least, the Admin guy/gal giving you a screenshot as above.

As far as Tucson is concerned, we’ll take that out after the “TEST” it will have to stay in there, we have over 10k Tweets in our System, and you said: “Arizona” so we only did what was expected.  It will only run through tomorrow, so no harm no foul.

BTW:   How do you know someone in Tucson doesn’t refer someone to you who is farther north?  Why exclude the possibility?  Anyway, this is only a Test.

I have got to get some other stuff done.  Ciao

Mark ~ Support

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