I Believe In You

To My Friend Alice Martin:

I believe in you,  that you are goodness and light.

So good and kind that I start to believe that I can see the light too.

There are times when you have lifted me from the darkness and I began to see the sun;   took the time to believe even when nobody else did.

You’ve made me a better person seeing you walk out of the shadows with courage and grace and made decisions that made me believe I can be what I am meant to be.

When sanity wants to flee from me you’ve been there to help restore my rational process;  given me spiritual insights which supersede mere mortal wisdom.

You are kindness and love, and the marvel is this: God is not  finished with His masterpiece, He has only just begun!!

I believe in you.




Lon is a Social Media Manager who takes on sometimes difficult assignments.  His “Newest Business Model” Presentation is about growing your audience even before you launch.  He is the author of: “How to Use Twitter For Local Business” which is the number 1 search result on Google and Amazon by that name.   Lon is also Co Founder with Alice Martin of Social N Worldwide, Inc. ; blessed with being the largest (not to mention fastest growing) Social Media Brand in the Top 35 Markets Nationally, including, NYC, L.A. Dallas, Washington, DC, Chicago, etc, et al.   You can reach Lon by filling out the form below, or calling:  571-501-6129.



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