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How To Get 1,000 Connections Per Week Using Twitter

How To Use Twitter

        Learning how to use Twitter properly is key to success.    We have to open our Twitter account thoughtfully, and use the Social Media site’s search tools  in order to get the most value from it.   People are five times more likely to remember someone they have met at a TweetUp or Function.  This means we have to convert our “online” relationships to real world relationships.  This is not as difficult as it seems, but we have to be following people near us.   How To Use Twitter Lists  doesn’t really help us, because only rarely do local lists reach critical mass which provide value.

       One myth is that Tweets help search results.    They do, but on Bing and Yahoo! Which make up about 25% of  PC search,  zero percent of Mobile Phone Search.  Google dominates mobile search, so your Tweets will have limited value in enhancing your page rank, directly.  However, we have had some excellent results (page one rankings in about a week) using Tweets to increase other Social Network enhancements, IE:  Google +, Yelp,  Foursquare, and others.   What is often overlooked is Twitter’s tremendous ability to drive traffic in light of the sheer numbers of connections that can be made daily.

      Twitter is by far the fastest way to make local friends and turn them into paying clients than any of the other  social media sites.  We can follow up to 1,000 new people per day, compared to Facebook’s limit of 5,000 total.   And you don’t have to be a big media superstar to get it right. Small businesses and professionals can become stars using Twitter to make local connections which convert to clients and customers.    

     One way to use Twitter is to find followers, connections and friends in your geographical area.  Many people overlook this idea entirely.   The “Search” Feature is a great place to start.   Look up large accounts like TV Stations, Newspapers, and Local Organizations.  Do not be worried if they fit your idea of a good connection.  We should think out of the box.    Write down the names of these large local accounts on a separate piece of paper.   You can bookmark these pages, but after some time, you will collect hundreds of them, and they can clog your bookmark file.    Follow the people who follow these large accounts.   They will contain hundreds of local followers and contacts.

     Another way to develop a local network is to create  TweetUps with other local Twitter Users.  They do not have to be large gatherings.  You can meet at a coffee shop or the library for that matter.  Remember when networking, that your goal should be to find out what the person you are meeting is trying to do.   Seek out how to grow their network, yours will grow by default.   Ask them: “What is your primary client profile? How can I help you grow your network?”   Plant and Sow.

     The Twitter search feature allows for “regional” and local based followers as well by searching for Tweets within a geographical area.   The commands are located in “Advanced Search” and you can look up many other criteria.   This is useful for finding others who are currently tweeting or have tweeted recently using hashtags, or mentioning a city within the tweet itself.

Make sure you have a Facebook landing page set up for Cross Marketing purposes and cut/paste the exact URL into your Twitter profile at “Settings”.    Setting up your Twitter Properly is important. A simple guideline for opening up a Twitter Account in the new updated Twitter Version can be found at  How To Set Up and Open A New Twitter Account.  Many other Tutorials we Google’d are rather  obsolete from 2009 or 2010; and are useless, since they were created well before the latest version of Twitter.  

       Other crossmarketing Tactics would be to deploy other apps like Yelp and Foursquare  using their API feature to Tweet.   We like TwitPic since it primarily works with Twitter, and gives a “View” Count, where Instagram is owned by Facebook,  and no way to track the number of views.   Use Twitter in Mozilla Firefox and download the “Classic Retweet Button for Mozilla Firefox” which saves time, and makes ReTweeting others easier.  If you use the ReTweet button for engagement provided by Twitter, you will find it agonizingly slow, and virtually impossible to be seen or engaged by anyone you ReTweet. 

    Many professionals, and social butterflies alike have two or more Twitter Accounts.  It is almost a necessity.  Often times an account can get close to “too many tweets” and get suspended temporarily, or get hacked, or just not be working.  More importantly, maintaining one for pleasure and one for more official purposes is recommended.   But the real reason is less obvious.  Two accounts mean the person can create a polite, friendly persona on one account, and tweet links and consistent content on the other.  Followers may not like the Bio on one account, but might be attracted to the other.

A Book available on finding people close to you, and making valuable local connections can be uploaded to your PC or Laptop using the Free Kindle for PC Application:  How To Use Twitter for Local Business   These same principles can be used by Networkers, Groups, Organizations, Churches, Businesses, Professionals, Dentists, Lawyers, Realtors, Car Dealerships, Writers, Restaurants,  or anyone wanting to meet local people for any purpose on Twitter.



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