Gisele The Cat



Oh I have to tell you Gisele’s (the cat) new trick. She has started opening and shutting dresser drawers and pulling out the clothes that she finds in there and rolling around in them. Last night I heard this loud opening and shutting of drawers yet I thought the household was asleep so I went to investigate and there she was with her paw outstretched just about to open another drawer (there were already 4 open and clothes every where). She looked at me guiltily and went running through my legs the little beast. It’s bad enough she can open and shut wardrobes so she can climb in and hide there all day if she is allowed. She’s a Burmese and is getting a bit hot now that the temperature and humidity are climbing so I took her into the pool yesterday. She wasn’t sure about it at first and hung on tight but then she relaxed and just lay there in the water. Mind you I got a dirty look when I let her out of the pool. She looked so bedraggled and just stood waiting at the pool fence for me to get out and let her back on to the patio. Very funny.


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