Following Daily A Habit

We are all creatures of habit whether recognized or not.  Good habits are ideal.

Follow People Everyday on Twitter.  Follow 165 people everyday.   You will begin to learn some basics simply by logic or trial and error but I will save you a few years:

Never follow anyone who hasn’t tweeted in 24 Hours, No Matter Their Profile

Be Consistent and your account will grow, you will gain influence and relationships

Always ReTweet others, it shows love, and there is nothing stronger than love

If you do NOTHING ELSE RIGHT?  Then  be consistent in daily growth, and eventually you will become skilled at identifying your prospect and striking up a conversation, or banter.




Lonny is Founder of Social N Worldwide, Inc the largest Social Media Brand in 65 Cities

He is also Founder of ProNetworkBuild providing Social Media Management, Web Marketing

and Unique Sales Skills to all his clients.





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