Emotional Triggers

Much is written in psychology journals and blogs about “coping with emotional triggers” .   Psychologists may have hijacked the discipline entirely, but I think you will see Social Anthropologists and Social Media Scientists begin to produce more content on the positive aspects used to “convert”  and to compel responses.

Today, I would like to lay the foundation with some compelling truths, many of you who have spoken with me on the phone, know that much of my work involves the Emotional Trigger.   Here are some facts:

*  The female brain can process approximately 10,000 emotional synaptic responses per second, the male human species about 7800 per second

*  It is difficult if not impossible to switch from our emotional state to logical state.  Indeed, as an example, some of us will hold on to resentments and take them to our grave, never forgiving the offender.  This demonstrates how difficult it is for humans to switch out of our emotional state of mind.

*  Research indicates that buying is based upon emotions.  Some studies indicate that as high a number as 90 percent of all purchasing is based wholly or in some part upon emotional triggers.

*  Buying decisions are based upon emotions.  The female brain will be less likely to justify a purchase with logic or common sense, the male brain will trigger logic after the buying decision is made to justify their expenditure.

*  The male human will tend to deny that his purchases are based upon emotions, the female brain will readily accept the reality, and does not see the need to justify purchase decisions

*  Emotional triggers can be used on Social Media to compel responses at a higher rate than simply stating the rote facts

*  Headlines, Titles, Headers, first sentences, Tweets, and Facebook Shares should all contain the keyword emotional triggers for better SEO results and pave the way for conversion to paying client or a Call to Action

*  Studying the process of emotional triggers will make anyone more effective at converting and more effective at communicating and “engagement”

I’ll go into more in depth usage of emotions in future articles.  For today, just practice your technique on your next Tweet.  Here’s an example.   I showed one of my trainees an Instagram of a Family, the backdrop was a Canyon, and they had the photo taken with their family dog.   When asked which he’d comment on, the trainee was undecided, so we discussed all of them.   “The Canyon is a wonderful backdrop, the colors are simply beyond words, there are reds, and blues, and earth tones, I am speechless”  said my client.

“And the family is very happy, you can see that they are on vacation, and they must have recruited another tourist to snap this photo.  However if we just mention the family, we’ll be leaving out that cute dog, and the canyon view”  I offered.

Trainee/Client:  “What would you do in this case, Lon?”

Me:  “How about this,  we’ll Tweet back to them:  ‘The view is marvelous, – your family is wonderful!  Looks like the dog knows who’s in charge here. LOL’    …..  and this way, we won’t be leaving anyone out, ok?”

Part II  eMotional Triggers



Start using some emotional triggers today.   Let me know how it improves your engagement level.  By introducing emotional triggers into your everyday conversations, it will make you better at eliciting responses on your Campaigns as well.

Lon Tweets at @PronetworkBuild  his oldest brand, where he manages Social Media Accounts for Brands, Corporations, and Small Business Owners.   He is also Founder of Social N Worldwide, Inc.   http://socialnworldwide.com/who-we-are-map/   with over 2 Million Connections.  Social N is currently in the Venture Capital “Growth Stage”  seeking to become the first local online video network in history.










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