Emotional Triggers – A Direct Path to Human Connectivity

Emotional triggers will play a huge role in our ability to drive sales to our business.  Without compelling responses, our marketing Campaigns are almost always flat, or lackluster at best.   When we use time tested triggers combined with New Media triggers, we can craft hybrid solutions which will drive more sales.

Sales Conversion Campaigns differ greatly from Brand Management.  Branding is a long term game.   We are establishing an ongoing recognition of our company or identity within the consciousness of the public, or against the competitor.   A long term branding campaign  establishes differences which distinguish us from others.   Branding also allows us to pursue a low hanging fruit policy, where we are capturing connections indirectly, and our goal is to upsell at some later date.

Branding is usually not carried out with the same goals and principles as our Sales Campaigns.  In a Sales environment, we want to use emotional triggers, and we want to convert the prospect into some form of human engagement.  Many companies can bypass the “Branding” Campaign entirely, and leap to the Sales Campaign.  This is possible ONLY through the use of emotional triggers tied to a POS (Point of Sale)  response trigger.  Of course we must always be building our Networks, and have an aggressive Social Media strategy in parallel with our Sales Campaign.  By aggressive we mean LOTS OF ENGAGEMENT, NO SPAM, and STOP SELLING ON SOCIAL MEDIA.   Large Conglomerates and Small businesses alike make that major mistake almost universally, and the Sales Team cannot figure out what is short circuiting their genius work.  When asked, I can almost always point to the Social Media piece, and identify that they are spamming the very audience they need so much to engage, and be genuine.

Grasping the important vital POS emotional trigger might be achieved by putting a limit on the respondent,  a “Special” , a Self Liquidating Offer, or Introductory Offering.  In the traditional New Media Campaign, the conversion is all online.  There is little or no human interaction whatsoever.   One of the great myths of the Internet is the “Set it and forget it” mentality that we can craft an entirely digital Campaign, and walk away from the business, and retire to our yacht near Malta.   Companies which craft entirely digital responses will continue to see sales conversions somewhere near 1 to 2 percent, if that.   Many companies see no response, or high cancellation rates.

A time tested Madison Ave “Capture and Retrieve” technique works best when combined with Digital Media Campaigns.  For instance, when we sign up the End User, we must capture their phone number on the form.  Then, we must have a Support follow up call to walk the person through the process of what we offer.  Even this simple method will generally require two calls – one for setting the appointment, and another for the Presentation.

During our Presentation, we must be bold and ask the qualifying questions, so that there are fewer objections when we close for the check.   For instance,  “Do you see any reason why you would not be able to pursue …….”   or  “After hearing how this product will improve your life, what is the most important feature to you:  1.  The Additional Income  2. Gaining back control of your life  or 3.  The wide ranging networking opportunities?”   This makes the experience more valuable to the End User, focuses them on results and alleviates undisclosed issues they may have.  Indeed, the more questions we ask, the better overall prospect we create.

Many companies have shied away from human interaction entirely, and this is a big mistake.  And many Sales people are simply afraid to ask the important pre close questions, and qualify the prospect.  There are no completely automated sales cycles.  Whatever product we offer, no matter how great, will NOT be sold in the kind of volume we need to survive without a human connection at the POS.  I have one form that asks:  “What is your budget for marketing?”   ~~ When the respondent answers zero, I might as well be selling to a mop, or cow.  Nobody has time for a prospect who is delusional.  Asking questions tells us much about the Prospect.

Using basic common sense  to increase our number of Leads, and Lead to Sales ratio is imperative.  Provide a phone number  within the form itself, or after the end user fills out the form.  Too many folks use the basic “Thanks for Filling out the form”  which has no urgency at all.  Instead, we may use language like:  “If you have more questions regarding this offering, then Call Immediately 571-501-6129”   ~ or ~  “We try to get back to everyone within 2 hours.  If you have not heard from us, then call 571-501-6129”   This is basic:  we are getting the phone to ring, but in a very soft sell manner.

Emotional triggering would apply more pressure, and compel an even higher response:  “This opportunity is in great demand, and call volume is heavy.  You must be proactive and take initiative.  If you do not hear back from us after two or three attempts, then keep trying”.  This is instructing the end user to keep at it, don’t give up, and demonstrates that we have a hot product that everyone wants.

Sometimes I will create an emotional trigger as part of the form itself, for instance, I do not call the form:  “Contact Us”.   I will go into the  Website, and craft the form to say this:  “YES!  I want to Change the Direction of My Life.  Yes, I want to do what it takes to Increase My Sales Volume.  Contact Me IMMEDIATELY”   thus the emotional trigger is actually built into the response mechanism.  This is “Form Selling” at it’s most influential, and as you can see, very different from “Contact Us”

We have converted other pages to give them a different URL.  I will go into the “About Us”  page, and call it, “Your Personal Architect”   or “Your Exclusive Travel Concierge”   giving the mundane, an emotional impact.

Driving Sales is personal, and you are your TOP SALESPERSON.   Many is the fantastic dreamer, who after seeking Venture Funds, landing the first half million,  finds out that the Venture Capitalist instructs the entrepreneur to spend 20 hours a week selling.   This can be quite a change from sitting in the dorm room writing code.  Most fail at selling, a few quickly evolve, and get the hang of it.  Language barriers,  self esteem,  stigmas and personal beliefs must be set aside, converting is easier when we master emotional triggers.  If we are not the Chief Salesperson for our business, then who is?

Crafting Campaigns with human interaction, is crucial as you implement your strategy.   If you are not applying emotional triggers, if you are avoiding the sales cycle, than I have a great suggestion for you:  Admit to yourself, and your boss, that you are NOT a Salesperson, and you have no clue about the Internet.  Grasp that you are in over your head.   You cannot hire any old marketing firm to solve this problem.  Even taking some of these tips and trying to do them yourself, will result in months and months of trial and error.  Does your business have months and months to wait for results?

I’ve taken the initiative on Clients behalf.  I craft entire short sales scripts having closed the Sale for them.  When they call me back, and tell me the sales script doesn’t work, I can always chuckle to myself that it aint the script.

Selling is a noble profession.  Every single raw material, consumer good, service or product is SOLD!  Sales is the largest profession on earth.   All marketing, advertising, and even Social Media is a Sales Environment.  Mastering emotional triggers to get the phone to ring is one trick.   Asking qualifying questions is another trick.  Closing is another.   Hiring a marketing firm based upon their profile only, or because they say they are “Digital Strategists” is not going to solve your problem.  Ask for specific examples of where they have converted hundreds and thousands and tens of thousand of Digital Leads to Real Human Interaction.   If they do NOT have multiple examples, then run away quick.  They may be able to wrangle a check out of you, but wrangling Sales from Leads is probably not in their bag of tricks.

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