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Some of our marketing Campaigns can take on a Viral quality all their own, so well tuned on a subcultural level as to take on  perpetual vitality.   Millennial demographics participate creating new media opportunities.  Music eBooks Mail Order Catalogs Gambling Health Care Publishing … cross from Internet Interested to Human Connected ~ create growth Industries ~ and exploitable marketing gaps ~ mold keywords headers and anchor texts with scientific keyword triggers

Participatory levels are obtained when millennial engagement rises to the level of personal interest in the success of the brand or endeavor.  on a local level for instance, a millennial may participate by attending an indie concert by a local band, art show, winery, or play… but when coupled with the Spiritual component of giving, millennial and introverted personality attendance goes up… Tied to a Cause, millennial attendance is known to increase overall by 8 to 9 percent.  This is a measurable return on giving, discussed elsewhere as the ROI of Spirituality.

We must be attracting conversation.   Not everyone can pull this off, I happen to be Publisher of a Large Nationwide Brand.  But even when I ask this simple question locally, on one of the accounts? I never fail to get a response.  What is this simple emotional trigger?


What is your Favorite Local Pizza Place?

It welcomes participation, argument, opinion, smell taste the very gambit of reality all in one experience.   And all I am doing is asking a question.

Questions according to research provide a very high 42% open rate on Twitter.   Compared to eMail open rates of 1 percent, and banner ad rates of .001 percent, this “question” technique is powerful science.

“Want to Support a Great Cause? AND Meet Awesome Local Folks? URL”   will work better than the rote facts.

I’ve just given you a hundred thousand dollar tip,   and you just got here.

How we craft our campaigns are important.  If you are just “winging it” and hope to get a result? Think again.  The amount of science we pour into our Campaigns are what matter.  Ask ourselves:  “Am I doing ALL that I can to convert sales?  Or am I losing some?”   Ask honestly, or we kid ourselves.

If you have been kidding yourself, then think on this.  You’ll keep getting the same kind of results you’ve always been getting if you don’t change up.


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