Drop Dead Life A Pregnant Widow’s Journey

Drop Dead Life A Pregnant Widow’s Journey

When Hyla was 7 months with her second child, she became a pregnant widow  Рher husband dropped dead onto the kitchen floor.

My friend needs you to contribute just $1 to her fully funded Kickstarter campaign, which ends on Monday. This will increase her number of backers and show the publishing houses that there are more people who want to read her memoir, Drop Dead Life. $1 – seriously. And much cheaper than a cocktail. Click, back the project, know that you did something good today. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hylamolander/drop-dead-life-a-pregnant-widows-journey

This is a great way to make a difference, without breaking the bank.¬† AND you’ll be listed as a contributor to a great project, and I am sure that Hyla will reward you with something nice.


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