Don’t Get Ripped Off on a Website Build

Are Most Website Designers Rip Off Artists?

I was at a networking function, and after things settled down, I noticed a couple at a table getting a check from one of the attendees.  It was a check for $2000 for a “Deposit” on a Website build.   The remaining $2,000 would be due in a week.   Sure enough, I called the business owner, and asked him what his marketing budget was; guess how he replied.   “Lon!  I spent so much on my Website, I don’t have anything left for marketing”…  Folks, a Website is useless without hits.  It would be better to go without, if you are going to sink all your resources into a beautiful Website, and have no traffic.  That is the most classic mistake still being made on the Internet.  And yet, this is commonplace.  AND unfortunately almost all Web Designers fall into the category of the kind who will accept your $2,000 check!

It’s disturbing when I hear: “Lon, my website will be done in two months…”   ~or~ “I have spent $3,000 for a New Website”  my heart leaps, my mind swirls, and I hardly have the courage to speak out.  What am I supposed to say:  “You’ve just been fleeced by your Web Designer”  ??  That’s not exactly the way to start a relationship with a new client,  by explaining: “Your Website Designer is probably doing the minimal amount of work at the maximum price possible.”

I am not here to mince words with you, or put this delicately folks.  If you want the delicate sales pitch, go back to your Web Designer, and tell him you’d like to write another check.  I am pretty sure she/he will find a way to spend your money, and put the explanation oh so delicately.

Here at PronetworkBuild our policy is to build the minimal amount of site in order to accomplish guerrilla marketing.  Will the new site be able to:

~ Be updated regularly by a novice or business owner?

~ Provide valuable human connectivity?

~ Can the owner create their own Calls to Action immediately without involving anyone else?

~ Is the Website Dynamic AND Scalable?

Check out this excerpt from SmartCompany from an article entitled:  Are you being ripped off on website development?


There’s no doubt James Farmer, founder and chief executive of WPMU Dev, believes many small businesses are being short-changed.

“I think we’ve essentially been going through and continue to be going through a grand scale rip-off of small business owners and individuals by essentially unscrupulous web developers who are applying a minimal amount of knowledge to make a maximum amount of cash at the expense of people who are not familiar with or comfortable with the technology and the software as it currently stands ­– and it’s a disgrace,” Farmer tells SmartCompany.

Farmer, whose company specialises in WordPress sites and plug-ins, is no fan of proprietary development solutions, calling them “pointless and a waste of time”. However, he acknowledges business owners need to apply the same scrutiny to what they are being offered whether it is open source or proprietary.

“You don’t have to go through more than a dozen people to find somebody who has given two, three, four or even five thousand dollars to a web developer who has essentially pulled a template off something like Theme Forest [WordPress template site], for example, paid $20 or even just reused an existing one, made a couple of tweaks, handed it back and said ‘here you are, hand over the cash’,” Farmer says.


Some Tips:

  80 percent of us surf the Internet on a mobile device at least once a day.  This means your site MUST be Scalable and Dynamic.

   ~ Make sure you ask about “Scalability”  ~ however, that is no guarantee that your new site has scalability.  You have to check for yourself.  This means your site will look “normal” or to scale on both Android AND iPhone.  If your site has the slightest glitch, it’s not scalable.

   ~ Is the site Dynamic:  Since Windows 8 Operating System release, Laptops have adopted “tap screen” technology, meaning there is no mouse.  A Website must work well on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Androids, iPhones, generic devices, notebooks ~ does the Website function well, when surfers are moving around tapping their phones?  Or does it simply fall short in this area?

Human Connectivity and Calls to Action:  one of the first questions I ask any client, is how long does it take them to edit their “Contact Us” page.  I want to be able to change the content and create human connectivity TODAY.  I want sales created for the client TODAY…. Not down the road, or so far in the mystical future that milestones are meaningless.    Crafting CTAs on the spot should be easy for any business owner, if your site is too complicated, then it’s useless.

Do you understand all the features and all the tools that your Website does? If not, you either are not involved enough in your business, or you are abdicating your role as business owner and manager, and you are losing sales by default.

Is your Website Designer even all they say they are?  Do they have a vast wealth of sales experience, can they craft a digital Call to Action?   Or are they just a nerd who wishes they could play with the big kids?  I can tell you now, virtually 99 percent of Web Designers I am aware of, have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE selling anything, and they are not qualified to sell your product or service for you.


What is the Solution?

Business Owners need a Guerrilla Marketer with years of sales experience, who just happens to craft killer,  sales creating Websites.

Business Owners most definitely DO NOT need an expensive Website Designer, who thinks they know a bit about sales and marketing.

Why is it important to hire a sales and SEO oriented Web guy?  Because Designers by nature are often artists.  They are not up on the latest SEO and Marketing strategies.  Web Designers like to build stuff for the oohs and ahhss…  They can thrive on praise.

A sales oriented marketer, SEO guy thrives on driving sales to your business.  Praise has nothing to do with it.  For us sales guys, all we care about are results.   We think just like the Business Owner.  Our bottom line is your bottom line.



With over 4 million connections, I have established both PronetworkBuild as an SEO and Content Marketing Firm.  AND Social N Worldwide, Inc with Websites and Social Media Accounts in the Top cities nationwide.   There is literally NO OTHER Marketing/Website firm on the planet with as many connections.  Our numbers speak for themselves.  We do Social Media, SEO, Websites and Creative Strategies.  No budget is too big or small, no project is too big or small.  We undertake everything from national eCampaigns, to local businesses.  703-675-0593


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