Do Twitter Facebook Microsoft Google and Big Internet Trample Your Rights

“Lon!  I have no clue why they did it, but Twitter requested that I reset my password”

“Dear PronetworkBuild  the Hotmail Account Associated with my business interests has locked me out… Please help!”

“Sir.  Google keeps asking me pointed questions about my eMail addresses, and who else uses it….”



This happens at least 5 times per day at my firm.   Aside from the annoyance, and time wasted (as an Internet Efficiency writer in an another life, I hate anything that wastes time, or doesn’t streamline productivity)   Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and others are violating our rights.

The above image is a completely fabricated lie by Twitter:  misleading and bogus, our radar should have been alerted immediately.    Or the weekly recurring Hotmail trick of locking millions out on Saturday mornings, sending bogus error messages instead of stating they are doing maintenance.   Is Big Media just geeky and nerdy, and lack PR Skills? Or are these strategies  more evidence that Big Media is carrying the NSA’s and White House water?  How much in bed with the Government is Big Media?

Here’s how it works:     Big Internet collects the IP address of where you are logging in.   This may be your wireless router, it may be your hub from work, it might be your neighbor’s WIFI Hub that they don’t know you “borrow” ~ every log on identifies your original unique “thumbprint”  through your IP.

So you ask your daughter to log into Twitter for you, to get back to the Client whom chatted you up yesterday.   Your Daughter get’s locked out, and thinks she did something wrong.  Puzzled you try to log in.  Now you can’t log into your accounts, because your own daughter attempted to log in from her laptop.   Neither of you can get in to your account.  Concerned, your heart leaps, and you think you have been hacked.   This has never happened before, so you are not familiar with even resetting a password, and you are very concerned.  Your productivity goes down, because now you are wasting time over an issue, that should NEVER have been an issue ~ all resulting from a cover story that they are protecting us from hackers or brute force attacks?

Big Internet,  Twitter Facebook Microsoft Google and their ilk have completely violated your right to privacy and free speech.   Who’s so privileged that they can determine that your daughter, or Social Media Manager, or Internet Marketer (me)  cannot log onto these accounts without backlash from Big Media?  And what right do they have to intrude on our lives with impunity, and without recourse?  Until people get tired of it, we imagine it won’t stop.

It came to a head this week for me, and frankly, I may just herd a few of my Civil Rights Attorneys together in a pow wow, and determine the Standing for a Class Action against Big Media, and seek an Injunction.   Even a temporary one often compels cowards to change policies quickly.    Too many Big Media outfits  have activated this policy simultaneously, over the course of the last few weeks to be coincidence.  I do NOT believe in coincidence.  These violations of Privacy and Free Speech are a  concerted ongoing effort by Big Internet ~ happening across millions of accounts, everyday ~ impinging on millions of users rights.  That is the “Classic” Class Action definition.   Here’s where I had to make the jump:

For a week, I was convinced that PayPal Mastercard site was down.  Not that I gave it much thought.  Until the dreaded “phone call”…  I was on hold for two hours, rebooted one machine, dumped all my cookies and history, downloaded “Chrome”  that useless browser, and still PayPal could not get me access to my own account!!   They never did solve my problem.   All along? My computer had jumped over to my Back Up Router!  That’s right.  Sue me, I have three home internet connections, one at my office, a travel Hub and I have managers all over the Country who log onto my accounts for daily activity, and as part of the process of being a huge enterprise.

That really really brought the point home for me.  That I could not access MY OWN FUNDS because PayPal had determined, of it’s own volition to lock me out of a site, and the error was not:  “We See you are logging on from another IP address, can you verify this is you, so we can Whitelabel that IP?”    ~or~   “We know you have more than one computer in this day and age, and we want to make sure this is you…”   ANYTHING other than the way it was handled.

What PayPal did was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back ~ awoke a sleeping giant.  I cannot buy into the story that they are protecting accounts from hackers and Russian teens.  Not this kind of concerted effort.  Not across multiple Big Media outlets, not across millions of accounts that ARE NOT BEING hacked.   Even if that is their cover story, that they suspect hackers?  It doesn’t matter.  If in the meantime, they trample our rights.




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For a bit of an added Twist?  If you would like to be involved in a bit of push back against Big Media?  Send me your brief in one paragraph.   Or a simple:  “Lon, I have been locked out and forced to reset my password for no reason, and (Name of Big Media)  has violated my Right to Privacy and Free Speech”  ~ If we collect even twenty or thirty ?  That’s all it will take to formulate a “Class”…    My eMail is:





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