Campaign Fundraising Political Campaigns

Campaign Fundraising Political Campaigns

Campaign Contributions just got a whole lot easier recently as the Federal Election Laws were changed to allow Text Donations. For More Information Contact 571-501-6129  More importantly than just being able to receive text donations, campaign fundraising staff can convert the numbers collected into votes on election day. Political Campaigns need to think of this new tool as a “Loss Leader” or Self Liquidating Offer (SLO). Sure political campaigns appreciate and need  the money from text message donations, but fundraising is all about conversion to votes.   Text Campaign Fundraising gives the Political Campaigns an opportunity to convert each donor directly to a vote by reminding them on Election Day to come out and participate, remind others to participate, and to send the electorate to landing pages.

How Vital Is a Text Message Strategy?

Their is a virtual “Lock” on the Open Rate for SMS.  Consumers open text messages even when they know they are advertisements.  This is about as close to  a”sure fire” technique as a Candidate can get.  We can’t gauge Yard Signs, we can’t determine the effect of bumper stickers.  But a candidate will surely know that 98 percent of Text Messages will be opened.  That can be gauged.  Early adopters of this strategy will almost always have an edge over their opponent.

Where smaller local elections are often determined by a few thousand votes, reminding voters on election day via text is often the deciding strategy.

Fire Up Your Base

Smaller donors tend to participate more in the election process.  Research shows that smaller contributors equate to participatory and active constituents. Cell phone contributors will be more likely to pass out literature, put up yard signs, volunteer and show up for events more often than large donors.  Campaign Fundraising through Text give Political Campaigns a powerful tool to deliver cross marketing platforms locally.  Political Campaigns can eMail notices the day before, and text the “day of” and event for a dynamic One-Two punch; and include hyperlinks in the text to Social Media pages like Facebook.


Costs are negligible and benefits outweigh the costs.  Setting up the Text Message Campaign is about $500 and the Political Campaign needs to have one person assigned for collection, and to update the database.  A vender will charge about 12 cents for each text message, so that the Campaign Fundraising Committee doesn’t have to manually send them out.  This very cost effective approach has been demonstrated to be the deciding factor in various local elections where sometimes only a few thousand votes determines who wins.

Contact Pronetworkbuild at 571-501-6129 We have set up hundreds of Text Message Campaigns and generated millions of Text messages to voters.


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