Without Backlinks A Website Is Virtually Useless

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Directory Listings:   Give you  quality backlinks, they  also provide you exposure to search engines, and  interconnected  ways in which consumers can find you.

Creating just one Directory Listing can take as much as one hour or more to complete.  There are literally hundreds of Directories.  Directories do NOT need your permission to include your business, and the information may or may not be correct.  Most business owners do not necessarily know how to create good or even adequate Directory Listings, since they are not trained in Keyword Technology.   By way of example, “Travel Agency” seems pretty specific doesn’t it?  But the word “Traveling” is searched for over 1 million times per month.  Travel Agency only 150,000 times per month.

“Advertising your business through an online business directory listing is not only a smart business move, but also a time-saving and cost-effective one.” -eHow.com

“Getting high PR backlinks is the most important factor in increasing PR.” -theinternetbusinessblog.com

 “A terrible thing happens without publicity…NOTHING!” -PT Barnum




Outbound links are hyperlinks on your blog or webpage content.   These links create “relevance” for Search Engines when they send out bots to check your site.   Google, Yahoo! and Bing constantly crawl the Internet for new content.  Without relevant links to quality sources, your website is virtually ignored by the search engines.  This is one of the hardest concepts for a Site Owner to grasp.  Many clients think that inserting links into their page will cause the end user to leave and never come back.  Others feel that linking to another site will be driving traffic to a competitor.    Neither of these views is accurate.

First of all, in the words of Foghorn Leghorn: “Two halves of nothin’ is still a whole nothin”   Why worry about non existent website traffic, when the search engines do not recognize your page to begin with?  Two easy methods exist to solve this dilemma.   First ALWAYS use “Open in New Window” feature when you create the hyperlink.   Second is to find relevant links that do not directly compete with you, but are good sources of information.  Wiki or .org links for instance provide quality links without the site owner worrying about losing their customer.  .Edu links, news articles, and high ranking search pages also provide good sources.


Designing quality content with one way outbound links is paramount to the tires on your car.  The car will not roll or perform it’s function; nor will your website  without relevant links to quality sites. Business owners who’s websites do not show up on search can almost always point to the lack of links thereupon as the reason for no traffic.   Google extolls “relevance”  first and foremost.  A couple of quality links to relevant articles means the website will likely at least register on search.  Without them there is no chance.

At this point it is important to distinguish the expression “Search”.    Many business owners mistakenly approach their computer and type in the name of their business.  This is not very productive.  End users do not know the name of your business.  End users type in categories like: Dry Cleaners Vancouver, or Orthondontist St Louis when they search online.  We fool ourselves when we type the name of our business and think anyone is finding us.

We must think the way the consumer thinks, and type in terms the way an end user would type them into a search engine.  If we are not appearing on at least page two of search results, then work is needed in the area of backlinks.  Backlinks are Important to Your Website  http://www.entrepreneur.com/video/224661


We mentioned Directory Listings as a great source of quality backlinks to your site, there are other ways you can control backlinks and get noticed by Google, Bing and Yahoo!


YouTube, Metacafe and Daily Motion are great search engines.  More people search YouTube each day than Google.  Video can provide excellent natural organic backlinks to your site when done correctly.  Creating a strategic video channel can greatly impact your page rankings if done correctly.


Press Releases

Provide more backlinks and do not have to be about an event, or announcement per se.  Press Releases are just one weapon in a specialist’s arsenal to get the website a boost.


There are both paid and free keyword tools available to help create backlinks and relevant combinations of keywords.  Google’s Keyword Tool is good, but it focuses on Google’s Paid AdWords terms, rather than Universal Search results.  WordTracker is better, but it can costs hundreds of dollars, and a large investment of time to familiarize oneself to the point of proficiency.


Mobile Webpage

As an alternative to a website many businesses use a mobile enabled webpage.  This actually makes great sense moving forward.  As more people search the Internet on the go, and more smartphones become ubiquitous, mobile webpages are replacing websites.   Put bluntly, a mobile webpage may be all a business needs.  There are many shortcuts that can be taken, and some that need to be avoided.  Mobile webpages don’t work on all phones,  they need specific information thereupon, and they need to be ready to work to drive consumers today to the business destination.  They still need to be relevant, or consumers won’t be able to find the mobile website. Video, Blog and Directory backlinks are particularly important in  a mobile strategy.




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