Are You Considering Adwords?

With over 260,ooo connections on my personal Twitter, as Founder of Social N Worldwide, Inc add another 4 million ~ with tens of thousands of connections in each market, I have come to rely on Search in a big way.  For instance if you follow a TV Station in L.A., DC, Chicago or any of the top Cities in the United States? It is very likely that search engines will take you to one of my sites. Amateur weather observer in Phoenix? You will likely be followed by one of my accounts. Over 17 years of Internet Marketing, I have learned many guerrilla tactics which are efficient, and bump the competitor off the page. Most of this is possible because we have blended Social impact with good SEO Marketing tactics that don’t get penalized by Google algorithm shifts. I hope you enjoy my AdWords essay, and you visit my Social SEO Site:


Considering Adwords?


If you are considering taking the plunge, bear in mind that AdWords gets about 1 out of 4 of the search market.  Think of advertising as casting a big web or net.  The larger the net, the more fish you catch.  Some will swim away, some will get caught in your net.   Some will have to be thrown back.

Based upon this simple logic,   it would seem that you would want to cast as large a net as possible.   Organic Search get’s 300 percent more clicks than AdWords, and yet people throw money away on AdWords each month, rather than building a strong, powerful website and putting some research into their content.

With AdWords campaigns costing as much as  4 or 5 or even 8 dollars per click, the cost is becoming such that the money spent on Google’s Adwords is prohibitive.

Some helpful hints:

  • Use AdWords as an SLO to determine which keywords or phrases work

  • Gradually convert your content over to organic search, and wean yourself off  AdWords

  • Better still,  develop a long range plan to get your website noticed through organic search

  • Use native  English speaking U.S. writers and specifically ask where all writers are from

  • Have an SEO Specialist cross check keywords for Competitiveness and Search Count

  • Remember that AdWords research is different than Organic Search – Results will Differ

  • Keeping and maintaining an expensive AdWords campaign will not help your Organic Search Results

Sport Fishermen use small handheld nets and cast them into the tide, hoping to catch a fish or two.  Sometimes they get lucky, and catch a few more.  Larger nets are towed behind boats, or strung across channels and creeks.   But the largest nets are towed by Trawlers.   They might be hundreds of yards across and catch thousands of fish.    Remember to cast a wide net.


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