Always Be Growing Your Network

Social Media affords us unprecedented opportunities for growing our audience; our client pool, and influencer network.

I coined a phrase years ago, which may explain my handle, “Networks that aren’t expanding are shrinking”  … This is more than an axiom, it’s a fact.  Groups like BNI or Meet Up Groups, our Twitter and Facebook ~ we never really have a chance to capture everyone all the time within any given format.  At best we reach a small fraction.  People lose interest, fall out of touch, move on to other topics.   Therefore, in any Network Environment we must be expanding and enlarging the size.   Without an expansion policy  the network loses effectiveness and impact.

Most people are focused on “Organic Growth” tactics, which also means regular consistent content production.   This method of growth is slow, and long term, and is in the category of “Brand Building” not sales.  So if your method for Network Expansion is tied to these tactics, your ability to see ROI by needs and definition are going to be low, and your actual human impact hard to gauge.  The reason content creation / organic growth tactics are slow network techniques is that they rarely if ever provide alternatives for the audience to take a proactive “buying” stance; and often at best measure results by conversation or likes and RTs.   My simple argument is who cares if Beyonce received 54,000 Retweets? If it didn’t result in sales then it was just narcissism and clout ~ brand building for brand building’s sake.

Some methods that I use to build my networks?

~~ I Follow New People Daily.  I use Twitter to find target and locate 1,000 New People Per Day over Multiple Accounts

~~ Network Building is 7 Days a Week

~~ We ask everyone we meet if they Tweet, and then “Let me Show you How”

~~ I add value as a social person in a social environment

~~ Always looking for opportunities to create wealth for others: “How can I help you Enlarge Your Network?” 

~~ Plant and Sow: Always be willing to spread someone elses message, this creates Love.

~~ Love Everybody, respect them even when they are impossible, and a troll

~~ Use Emotional Triggers with Specificity in Replying

~~ Detailed Engagement Requires that we be personal and touch lives

I can of course take the best of all types of growth strategies.  I can take the content/organic slow growth model;  manipulate and extrapolate the best just as easily as my “follow 1,000 new people daily”  techniques.  With multiple networks, content delivery systems and hundreds of accounts under management, I CAN TAKE THE BEST and TOSS AWAY THE REST.   Most people don’t have that kind of time or resources to enlarge their network.

So which of the above three would I do everyday if I were you?

Three Bullet Point Takeaway:   Follow 1,000 New People per Day;  Use Emotional Triggers in Engagement;  and Plant and Sow, always be a giver.


You may wish to read about a power phrase I use to get conversations started, while simultaneously adding social value and enlarging my network:  “Three Magic Words:  Do you Tweet?”  and How to Use  Them

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Lon Dunn is Founder of the PronetworkBuild brand  building entire Campaigns from Website to Phone Call to Closing Sales.  He is also Founder of Social N Worldwide, Inc, with websites and Social Media accounts in the top U.S. cities nationwide.  No other Marketing firms have the impact that the dynamic synergies of PronetworkBuild handling the Digital technical writing and SEO with the pure market reach of Social N.   Lon also wrote: “How to Use Twitter For Local Business”  the first “How To” Book on Twitter written for Amazon.




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