AdWords vs Organic Search

AdWords Vs. Organic Search

AdWords:  Businesses purchase placement on Google search results pages for a fee.   There are tools for researching keywords and concepts, and thousands of pages per day are written on this subject.  Prices vary from 2 or 3 dollars per “click” to as much as 8 or 9 dollars.

Organic Search:  Businesses or Blogs are found on search results pages, is theoretically free,  is content and keyword driven.  One’s content must still be researched.   This scientific approach to content is called SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”.

It’s important to realize that Ad Words Search is not the same as “Organic Search” ; the results for your business are not the same, even the scientific tools and research used to determine content on your site are not the same.    Where Adwords suggests  Keyword Tool,  content that is not Adword driven would use a tool like Keyword Tracker for better more defined results.

AdWords is the name of Google’s product which a business can purchase, manage and participate in from  There are some advantages to AdWords, I don’t want to totally discount them.  For one thing, AdWords can be used as an SLO or Self Liquidating Offer.   If you are going to upsell your clientele for instance, than paying 8 dollars for a lead is a great idea.  If you are selling a 99 cent Kindle Upload, then this strategy is not beneficial.  Also, you can target certain demographics with your AdWords campaign.  When done correctly,  AdWords can jump start any campaign,  as long as a company is willing to pay for leads and sales.  AdWords after all is overhead.  It costs money.

Most searchers ignore those paid ads on Google and go right for the Organic Search results.   Only about 1 out of 4 people bother to click on those Adwords at the top of Google.  Some of this is sociological training.  End users know that the “paid for” content is not usually free, and because the advertisers are paying for premium placement, they must get a return on investment.  Other reasons abound, we don’t need to go into that here.   Organic search is therefore the preferred way that most of us look for online information, and there are some amazing statistics around Organic Search:

  • Most People Search for Items Online before buying.  The old days of “shopping” at a store are over

  • Mobile Searchers are “ready to buy” and they buy or call a business within 30 minutes of searching on their phones

  • Searchers who shop online are spending money in larger percentages each year

Although Organic Search is  “free” to anyone with enough skill to master Google’s guidelines, it is NOT free  to research, implement, and maintain quality   content over a period of months to impact search results.   Any SEO expert will tell you that it takes consistent, and sustained work to see results.   Sure, I have taken some businesses to page one of Search in a week or two.  But I use guerrilla marketing tactics that most SEO companies do not employ.    It would be easier to win the lottery than  to think that if you were to type a blog post that it would jump to page one of Google Search with no specialized training, research tools or years of experience.

Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction:

  • Make sure you are researching Key Words or Phrases that have traffic – don’t waste time on ideas that don’t work

  • Your URL, Header and Content should contain the same phrases, but should not “keyword stack”

  • Webpages or Blog Posts without links to relevant sites are virtually useless – Google does not rank them

  • Do not “Duplicate” content over your blogs or pages

  • Use natural phrases which sound normal, and do not “stack” them, but use enough of them to trigger the search engines

  • Don’t forget Video – think of video channels as a Search Engine, and backlink to your pages

I think that we are living in a world where the rich get richer, and the poor…. Well, they were already poor.  Mid Sized and Large companies can afford to spend 8 or 9 dollars for a Google Lead.  Even if you could afford a $10,000 dollar AdWords Campaign, there is always someone willing to spend $100,000.  But when used for local, or used as an SLO, then AdWords is a great idea.

Organic Search is much more appealing to the average business owner.  They can have fun, participate, and see their efforts blossom almost from the start.  Incremental growth doesn’t have to mean “long term” results.  Results can be quick,  often within the same month; then built upon, expanded and broadened across a wider range of search terms.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you do it with research, skill and at least a mid term campaign.  “One Offs” don’t work in advertising,  and small campaigns don’t allow you to test which phrases work best.   A small business can expect to spend about 2,000 a month on Search Engine Optimization, the results can be powerful, and the infrastructure that is set up will last for years.


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