A Kids Cancer Foundation that Doesn’t Take Anything for Expenses

JackysKids.Org is one Cancer Foundation that does not take any expenses, overhead or a percentage for it’s fundraising.  This is important.  Another cause I support, Wounded Warriors,  increased expenses by 80% last year, and spends 57.7 percent of what it takes in, according to Charity Navigator.

Even for a well managed Non Profit, it’s not out of the question for them to spend 60%.  The Industry standard is half!  The Red Cross spends  90% and they don’t exactly help Cancer Kids.  And a dollar raised in America, doesn’t necessarily stay in America, it could go to Haiti or Nepal.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  I contributed thousands of Social N Tweets nationwide to the Philippine Red Cross after the Hurricane, because I wanted my contribution to at least count.

Jacky’s Kids:

~ 100 % Volunteer Based

Jackys Kids is completely volunteer funded.  This means that if a job needs doing then someone donates their services.  Does the site need maintenance?  A Web Designer does the work free.  Does the Organization need to buy something?  A Volunteer pulls out his wallet and pays cash for the services.

~ No Money Goes toward Overhead

Jackys Kids goal is to direct 100% of your Contribution to a Child or Family with a Child who has Cancer.   Families may just need a gas card to get to Chemo, or see a Specialist in another state or city.   This is why Jackys Kids feels like you need to know that ALL OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION is going to help a family out.   Ever felt the urge to help a family dealing with Cancer?  Many of us have been affected by Cancer, and we want to just hug someone, or help them.

I remember when I traveled to Louisiana when my sister suffered from brain cancer.  No amount of words were ever sufficient for anything.  Me an author, writer, editor, had no words that could rise to the level required in such a set of circumstances.  I just tried to  make myself useful at the family home – sweep the floor, help the nephews with their homework.  Their dad was so impressed: “Lon, they sit there for hours when I ask them to do their homework.  You got them to finish in 15 minutes! I Love You!”   Who knew that just being there would mean anything.  It meant a lot to everyone that I would stop my life, and go be there for them.

I don’t always know of any immediate families that I can hug, or help.  Jackys Kids gives me a chance to help families, and I know my contribution is NOT just money, but I am helping by spreading the word.  I encourage you to write an article about Jacky’s Kids as well.   This is all Volunteer based, you need no formal agreement to support a great Cause!  Help Kids and their Families, write a blog post!

Plant and Sow,


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